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For The 3rd Time In 7-Days VisitNH.gov, The Official State Tourism Site, Features One Of My 2014 Fall Foliage Pictures.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Link to access VisitNH — click.

One of last week’s photos is still there in the “Lakes Region” page.
So I currently have 2 pictures on display.

In my honorary capacity as an official ‘Leaf Peeper
for the State partly because I am a
Granite State Ambassador‘ (GSA)
I have to submit two reports a week.
Though optional I include some pictures when I can.

The 3 pictures over the last 3 weeks.

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CNBC This Morning, As I Had Done Yesterday, Pilloried Punch-Drunk IBM.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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It was funny to hear the CNBC morning crew going after IBM. They said it was NOT a technology company, but a ‘Share Buyback‘ company. Of course they were right. They just laughed at IBM, its products, its plans and its management. They said that analysts on the conference call had been downright rude to the IBM management. They deserve that.

Right now I feel for the shareholders. Get out of IBM. By all means get in when it is down to $150 — as it is bound to over the next 6 months.

The company right now is screwed.


IBM’s now defunct networking gear. It was absolutely astounding that IBM, with all of its expertise and resources, could get this SO WRONG. But they did. In the end they had to bow out of networking a multibillion/year field. Cisco was the beneficiary.

When they say they are making double digit gains in ‘cloud’, ‘security’, ‘analytics’ etc. ALL that means is that their prior share was so low that even a small increase represents a double digit percentage gain.

Reminded me of a ‘famous’ meeting I had with IBM senior management c. 1996. I had been very critical, quite rightly as it proved to be, of IBM’s nWays ATM Broadband Switches. IBM had spent BILLIONS having them developed at their labs in La Gaude (France) and they were garbage. I was very vocal of that and IBM did NOT like it.

So they called me in for a meeting in Raleigh. One of the Senior VPs said: “Look Anu, we are now doing OK with the switches. We have sold TWICE as Many this quarter as we did in the last”.

Being the clown that I can be I rejoined: “OK, so you sold one last quarter and now you have sold two”.

The room went deathly quiet. People were looking at each other. The SVP said “lets move on”.

Later that day one of my friends, and I had a lot of friends at IBM, confided that my ‘2’ number though not spot on was very close! And therein is the problem.

Yes, the nWays switches, just as I had maintained, proved to be disasters and IBM was FORCED to get out of networking! The day they announced that my phone didn’t quit ringing. People were calling me to say: “Wow. You were so right”.

But I knew that all along.

I also know right now that IBM is yet again bloated. They had to shed, mercilessly, 40% of headcount. No choice. No caveats. Just 40% across the board.

IBM’s past successes, and they sure ruled the roost for 2 generations, were all due to profiting from PROPRIETARY solutions, mainframes, CICS, SNA and 3270s. There are hugs margins in proprietary solutions. Ask Apple.

These days IBM has to compete with ‘open’ solutions. Much, much more competition and slim margins. And that, in the end, is the problem.

IBM has to slash and burn its overhead. Get rid of the buildings. Get rid of the people. Then it can start again.

That Sri Lankan Muttiah Muralitharan Stooped So Low As To Coach The Australian Cricket Team Is But A Very Sick Joke.

1410270891339Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original at “The Australian”.

I have been watching as much cricket as I can, and it has been a very good year for that. So, of course, I set out to watch the ongoing Pakistan vs. Australia series, from UAE, that started on October 3.

When I saw Muttiah, in a green Australian shirt, seated in the Aussie camp I thought that he had come over from the Pakistan side — given that Pakistan also has green, albeit darker, shirts. When I realized that that was NOT the case and that Muttiah was indeed on the Australian payroll I was upset, saddened and sickened. BUT at least it proved, conclusively my contention, that by and large (with but few exceptions), money is the predominant force that drives and motivates Sri Lankan men.

For Muttiah to be associated with the Australian team is but a very sick, pathetic joke that does NOT reflect well on the man. No. NO. Don’t give me that this shows his magnanimity etc. garbage. He is doing it for the money and that stinks.

The Australian for so long made his life a living hell. He might be able to put that behind him, but we can’t. We too lived with that. They accused him, multiple times, of being a cheater. They called him “No Ball“. Plus you can’t go and rewrite history when you have a paper trail as long as does Muttiah.

Muttiah, near tears, once said he would NOT tour Australia again — and he did indeed miss some tours. He can’t claim otherwise. Those are facts.

NOW he is coaching the Australian team alongside some that called him a cheat. (Yes, I know he played ‘IPL’ in Oz too — again for the money).

This is SAD. This is very SAD. I actually feel bad for the man. It must be a terrible thing to have to do things like that.

Plus, he MUST know that they, behind his back, will be calling him a monkey. That is their way.

What a shame. I wish all the rich folks in Sri Lanka had bandied together and given the guy the filthy lucre he sought so he didn’t have to degrade himself thus.

Election Signs In Our Yard Reflect Our Nuanced, Never Straight Down Party Lines Politics.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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I think I am too complex (or screwed-up, depending on how you want to look at it) a person to ever, at least now that I am older, to totally support, without equivocation single party line. That I used to be a rabid, ‘to the right of Margaret Thatcher conservative, before the Junior Shrub, in 2003, made me switch stripes probably has something to do with it too. Though I am 100% in favor of abortion and premarital sex I tend to be a Social Conservative on most other matters! Though I believe in Single-Payer Healthcare, Social Security, Medicaid and ALWAYS helping the poor and downtrodden, I am very much a Fiscal Conservative. I don’t have a gripe with BIG government per se, but I will readily agree that what we currently have in D.C. is untenable. Plus I always put people before politics.

So to me I have no problems that though I support mainly a Democratic slate and will most likely, as I did in 2008 & 2012 will start going door-to-door for Democrats this weekend, that I also support Ray Howard. Even Deanna asked me about it the other night. I reminded her that Ray has always been good to us. She understood. I like Ray and I will support him. That we may not agree 100% on all politics does not bother me. By the same token I don’t agree 100% with all of my Democrat friends either. In most cases I tend to gravitate towards Democrats because they are, in general, the more HAPPIER folks.

So this is what our yard looks like now.

Plus, we have a picture of Barbara Bush that has pride of place in our house. No kidding. Really gets people confused. Here it is. And you can see its strategic positioning. These are the only 3 photographs per se we have on our downstairs wall — and one of them is Mrs. Bush. Yes, that 3 year old on her lap happens to be Danielle. This was in November 1992 and the White House — about 2 weeks after they lost the election. I was in Europe. There is also a picture of her been carried by George Bush. [Note, I call the older Bushes by their name.] The fat-bellied black-and-white picture above that of Mrs. Bush is the ‘famous’ (at least in this household) ‘Lactogen Baby’ picture that appeared in all 12 newspapers, in 3 languages, in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), every day from 1954 to 1962.

Devanee, The Photographer, With My Canon Rebel T3i, At The Alton (N.H.) Library, “Sky Over Alton” Presentation.

John Bishop who took these pictures.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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All these pictures, bar one above which was taken by Devanee,
were taken by Alton photographer John Bishop.

Devanee and John were having camera ‘wars’ — each taking pictures of the other.

Devanee has taken a shining to my refurbished Canon Rebel T3i ever since I got it in late August of this year. I got her a Samsung Selfie Camera, i.e., a camera with TWO LCD displays, one at the back (per normal) and front at the front for taking selfies (with the guess work), earlier this year. She uses it some but not that often. She probably uses her Google Nexus 7 pad more often as a camera.

But she definitely likes the T3i. She loves taking pictures with it — which is quite interesting since compared to our other cameras this is big, bulky and heavy. But, it appeals to her. She snaps away like there is no tomorrow. When we were in Maine a few weeks ago, and I was playing with a horse, she took the Canon and snapped off about 40 pictures in 5 minutes. I have no problem. I am glad. I have NOW told her that she can have the T3i when I, as was obvious to those around me, will inevitably upgrade to a ‘better’ camera soon. Come on. I only paid $335 for it — refurbished. Now that I got the bug again, after nearly 30 years, the ONLY thing holding me back in terms of getting another camera is money.

Devanee now has proprietary interest in the camera. She refers to it as HER camera — to go along with her car. So since it is ‘her’ camera she insist on taking care of it. She will carry it, in the camera bag, without having to be asked — which is quite a miracle. I don’t have to ever wonder where my camera bag is as we go places. It will be on Devanee’s shoulder. IF this $335 camera will get her into photography I could NOT be happier. It is a great hobby. Even a profession. Plus she is lucky. Through our various contacts and involvements (e.g., Great Waters) she gets to know some REAL photographers — as opposed to her Dad who is still groping around after his long hiatus away from the field. She listens when I talk to these professionals about cameras and photography. So it is good.

The Canon is a tad too heavy for Teischan. So she doesn’t try to use it. [Plus she has her own point-and-shoot that she has stopped using.] She much preferred my old Panasonic DSLR — which I recently gave to Deanna’s sister. Teischan knows the family dynamics. Though he she hasn’t said anything I know what she is thinking. “OK, Devanee can have this old Canon. She will only get it when Dad gets a better, new one. That will be mine!”