Liberty Mutual Insurance Workmen’s Comp In N.H. Is A Scam; Boldface Fraud.

ScamAlertAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge


See Thursday, October 23, 2014 UPDATE.

Deanna has been on Workmen’s Comp, alas through Liberty bloody Mutual, since June 2006 after she got injured, as an LNA, at St. Francis Nursing Home (Laconia, N.H.), on a Sunday, transferring a large elderly patient from a chair to their bed. The patient decided to let go of their ‘legs’ and Deanna suddenly, via the ‘transfer GAIT belts’ that nurses wear when doing this, was trying to support 200 lbs of additional weight. Deanna is now officially disabled and we even have a disable sign for the car.

To be fair Liberty Mutual, until a few months ago, was relatively decent. Yes, of course, they try to deny everything and pay for the minimum. Well, that is par for the course (and yes, of course, we do have a Workmen’s Comp lawyer). But at least you, i.e., Deanna, could talk to a Rep at Liberty bloody Mutual and try and get some stuff done.

That is now all history.

Liberty bloody Mutual, as far as it pertains to us, has gone AWOL. They just STOPPED doing anything.

They don’t answer the phone.

No, we are NOT talking about them not returning calls. We are talking about them NOT answering the phone. So you can’t even leave a message. They won’t answer the bloody phone.

They just ignore her doctor’s request for treatment!

Yes, they don’t deny it. They just IGNORE the request. So Deanna is not getting any treatment!

They are not paying the invoices.

It would be a bloody joke if it wasn’t so serious.

Yes, starting NOW I will be on the case.

But, my goal is to give you all a HEADS UP.

Stay well clear of Liberty bloody Mutual.

In the case of Workmen’s Comp you don’t, alas, have a choice. Your employer will get Liberty bloody Mutual because they probably are the cheapest — which they can be because they do not PAY.

So, be careful. Be very careful.

I am just sharing with you what we are going through right now.

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