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My Poppy Pin Collection For ‘Remembrance Day’ (‘Poppy Day’) 2014 Has Grown.

..Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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a/ King George V’s ‘Great Silence’ proclamation.
b/ Origins Of “Armistice Day” (a.k.a “Poppy Day”).

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Now that the countdown for 2014 ‘Remembrance Day‘ has started, as of yesterday, I went looking for my Poppy Pin collection — as opposed to the actual ‘paper’ poppies that I also have. I couldn’t remember what I had! That is par for the course. I buy stuff, online, and then kind of lose track of them.

I was delighted to see that I had bought 4 new ones, rather nice ones at that, since Poppy Day last year. These are the 4 four to the RIGHT. The one with the concentric circles, in case you don’t know, is the British “Royal Air Force” (RAF) insignia with a poppy. The one next to that is a Rugby Union pin. The oval, yellow one, with a border of poppies is from Australia and honors their fallen — and they had a LOT that sadly fell.

If you don’t know who is featured on the last pin I feel bad for you. I think it is my favorite. I wore it with pride yesterday. My plan is to always wear a Poppy Pin between yesterday and November 11, 2014 when I am out. Yesterday I had teacher conferences at ACS. I wore it on a black sweater. So it was fairly noticeable. Nobody, other than my two kids, commented on it. They spotted it at once. First time they had seen it. Devanee, at once, knew who it was. I was happy.

I haven’t looked at nay pins recently. I have been idly looking at lens for the camera. I just want to get a feel for the lay of the land. I don’t really need a lens for the Canon T3i, but then again I can convince myself, without too much trouble, that I need two or three to give me decent coverage from 28mm to 300mm. But I might, right now, go and do some Poppy Pin shopping.

Please wear a Poppy with pride. It will make you feel righteous. 

Seeing Ex-Apple John ‘Got The Boot’ Sculley Promoting His Business Skills On TV (CNBC) Had Me Puzzled.


Red circle — John Sculley’s reign of AAPL.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This morning during my habitual one-hour fix of CNBC financial news while I lie in bed, drinking coffee and checking out the world on my 10.2″ Le Pan Android Pad I heard and then saw an ad. basically for what is shown above. John Sculley promoting his business acumen. Caught me by surprise. I don’t think, though I am not sure, whether I dislike the “poor” (though in reality obscenely rich) guy. I just don’t associate him, though I am well aware of his stint at Coke prior to Apple, as a business giant. Like so many Sculley to me is synonymous with the REALLY Dark Ages of Apple, when it was nearly rotten to the core, before Steve Jobs came and the worm turned.

I don’t want to be unfair to the guy but to be fair there are so many, in the U.S., with more credible credentials than he.

He made some really bad decisions THOUGH as a stalwart IBM-backer at the time I was delighted with his decision to use IBM PowerPC chips. I was a big fan of PowerPCs — and still am.

But in those days, unlike now, I was a BIG Apple user. We were all Apple in the house and at what point I had 9 Macs in the house. And that was all during Sculley’s tenure. So I had a vested interest in Apple though, ironically, unlike in the last 10 years, I did not own much Apple shares at the time — not that I own much now.

Like so many I applauded, quite literally, Sculley getting the boot. It was the best thing that had happened at Apple in a decade. Though I am back in APPL (at a decent price) I still think that Tim Cook’s name is misspelled and that he really should be Tim Crook. But here is the kicker. I think Sculley was worse than Tim Crook! I guess that says it all.


Nothing to do with Sculley. All to do with how the PowerPC chip technology, buoyed by the Apple deal, evolved to give us the amazing POWER4 and POWER5 chips. This is the chip business that IBM, stupidly, gave away this week.

IBM Trivia

When I made a fairly comfortable living off my intimate knowledge of IBM, one of my many fortes was that I knew the meaning of more IBM acronyms than most — and yes, it was tested often. So I knew that POWER was a cute acronym and contrary to what some have claimed, I never made it up. I wish I had and could take credit for it.

POWER stands for ‘Performance Optimized With Enhanced RISC‘ where RISC in an acronym in its own right.

I don’t, of course, remember them all, but I still remember which ones are acronyms, which are abbreviations and which are real names.