TDS Telecom REALLY Did Outsource Part Of Its Call Center Operations To Jamaica — As In Bob Marley.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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TDS Telecom really DID outsource a part of their Call Center to Jamaica
— in the Caribbean.

Official and there is no longer any confusion or doubt.

So they did outsource OUT of the U.S.

What is real crazy about this is that I reported this, with chagrin, on May 4. See original May 4 post — with includes a ‘Clarification’. The ‘Clarification’, provided by a local Alton, N.H. TDS employee, was bogus! TDS did outsource to Jamaica.

I had to call up TDS this past Monday to have my bill reduced — once again. And yes, of course, they, as always, reduced it. You knew that … right? You can call TDS and sweet talk them into giving you a discount. At least it works with me — but then again my bill is rather huge.

Anyway, as ever, I ended up chatting with the TDS rep. They are very nice. Very nice. That has always been the case. Yes, she was at the Madison, Wisconsin, Call Center. That is a GREAT Call Center. Lovely folks. This was one of the reasons I was upset that they would have the audacity to outsource to Jamaica — the other, of course, being that yet another, BIG U.S. company was outsourcing Call Center operations offshore for cost reasons. Amazon does it. Microsoft did it and probably still do. It is a shame.

Then we have the issue as to why a LOCAL TDS employee, a very senior and respected one at that, would basically misinform me? Yes, he is very loyal to TDS. But to do what he did was crazy.

We, i.e., I and the Madison Call Center Rep. (a 15-year veteran of TDS) had fun verifying that this time around, i.e., in this post, we were getting it 100% right. She ended up speaking directly to her manager. They went back and checked e-mail. She talked to a couple of other Reps. She spent 20 minutes on this! Then it was CONFIRMED, Jamaica — as in the Island. So that is the scoop.


The IRONY! In your backyard in Jamaica — MAN.