Fiat Chrysler To Spin Off Ferrari But Retain Maserati Because Maserati Is A Better Car.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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During my morning ritual of listening to an hour of CNBC financial news while lying in bed, drinking coffee and reading ‘stuff’ on my 10.2″ Le Pan pad, I heard on Wednesday morning that Fiat Chrysler intends to spin off Ferrari as a separate company. Made sense to me. Ferrari owners must be fed up of hearing jokes that their $300K is nothing but a souped up Fiat.

Just wished that I had had the foresight to own Fiat Chrysler shares before this announcement. I might toy with looking into getting a couple of shares in the new Ferrari company. Though I have driven in one once that will be about as close to Ferrari as I will ever get. If nothing else the ground clearance on Ferrari’s just don’t lend themselves to dirt roads like the one that I live on.

Then I heard one of the CNBC clowns claiming that Fiat Chrysler was keeping Maserati because it was a better brand. I cannot comment on that. I do not know either of these makes BUT it put in mind something that I am more familiar with: Rolex vs. Ebel.

Ebel, hands down, is a better timekeeper than Rolex. But nobody in the U.S. other than the true cognoscenti have heard of Ebel. So Ebel, other than in the right circles, has no status, cachet, in the U.S. So folks buy and wear Rolexes.

Well to me that is what it boils down to with Ferrari and Maserati. Ferrari has the ‘pulling power’. Maserati will only be appreciated by the experts. Offering a young lady a ride in your Maserati, in most U.S. cities, probably bar L.A., will probably be misunderstood to you trying to be crude. But you say Ferrari — and you are all set.

So Rolex vs. Ebel. Ferrari vs. Maserati.

Now I remembered. I really must keep an eye out for a real cheap Ebel.