N.H. Senate District 6: Richard Leonard’s Opponent Sam Cataldo’s Degree In Nuclear Engineering From A Diploma Mill?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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This appeared in the comment section of “Foster’s Daily Democrat“.
Click here to access the original.

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The Strafford County NH Democrats (SCDC) were, of course, all over it.

I gather that the “Laconia Daily Sun” is trying, as we speak,
to get hold of Sam Cataldo to get a comment on this.


Click to access original Tweet and with that SCDC at Twitter.

An e-mail that includes this is doing the rounds, as I write:
“Mr. Cataldo got his degree in Nuclear Engineering for LaSalle University Louisiana, and then worked at Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim nuclear power plants. Wikipedia among others lists LaSalle U La as a diploma mill shut down by the feds where such a degree could be purchased for $5K, no work required.”

The implication: That he probably should NOT have been hired by the Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim nuclear power plants. Will somebody investigate? Reminds me of Homer in the Simpsons!