Pope Francis’ January 12 – 15, 2015 Visit To Sri Lanka — Will Be Very Different To That Of South Korea In August 2014.

58_bigAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Yes, from a superficial standpoint they are both countries where the majority religion is Buddhism, but the similarity ends there, with a BIG thump.

Nearly 50% of South Koreans do not subscribe to a religion! 50%. It is a very secular country.

So the Buddhists only make up around 23%. In marked contrast Sri Lanka is 70% Buddhist — with about 25% of this segment, of late, having become extremely extremist and radical.

No harm will come to the Pope. If nothing else the 30 year, extremely bloody civil war taught the security forces as to how to very effectively protect VIPs. So the Pope will be well looked after.

But poor people on the streets will not be so lucky. There is already rampant animosity with rebel rousers already having a field day — among other things demanding that the pope apologize for all the sins committed in centuries past by the Catholics. The crazy things is that this unpredictable pope might very well do that! There will, trust me, be hell to pay if he does that. It would be an admission of guilt and they will milk that for all that they can and bit more.

The pope’s visit does not sit well with me. I just have a feeling that it will incite a lot of unnecessary unrest revolving around religious differences. Things are rather ‘delicate’, to say it mildly, at the moment and this visit will be the equivalent of throwing a lit firecracker at a raging bull while at the same time taunting it with a red flag. Lets hope I am wrong.