At Least Pope Francis Will Not Face Topless Protests From “Femen” During His Visit To Sri Lanka.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Femen, a radical feminist group, Paris-based but founded in the Ukraine in 2008, that uses their bare breasts as their most potent weapon, who have protested at the Vatican before, e.g. during the 2013 conclave, were back again last Friday, November 14, 2014. Click to access the rather amusing YouTube video (suitably sanitized for sensitive U.S. viewer).


The picture gallery, with pictures from the Vatican (towards the bottom), from the FEMEN official Website. Yes, that is indeed a pair of bloody testicles she is holding in her outstretched arm. Made me cringe. Click to access. Some interesting stuff and dare I say it, pictures and videos.

Well, I am sure that Pope Francis will encounter some protests in Sri Lanka during his January 12 – 14, 2015 visit, unless, of course, the Government (where the Buddhist President is under the thumb of his devout Catholic wife) totally cracks down on any public demonstrations. That might be hard. But the protests should be peaceful and classy — I hope.

buddhist monks (7)

Sri Lankan Buddhist monks in their traditional (sewn from at least 7 pieces of cloth) saffron robes — with their right shoulder bared.

With luck, this is about as MUCH topless as the Pope is likely to see during his visit to Sri Lanka UNLESS, of course, he is taken to any one of the hundreds of tourists resorts. Yes, Sri Lankan Buddhist priests have, traditionally, bared their right shoulders — though more and more, to my chagrin, they have started wearing yellowish muscle shirts underneath the robes so as not to show so much bare flesh.

He will, however, get to see a lot of exposed female flesh, midriffs, backs and arms — that being the customary style when even the most respectable of Sri Lankan Sinhalese women wear sari. Funny ol’ thing. When you grow up in Sri Lanka you don’t notice it because it is the norm. It only strikes you when somebody comments on it.


VERY proper, very traditional way that Sinhalese ladies in Sri Lanka wear their saris. The amount of midriff shown here is pretty normal. Notice that one is showing more than the others. That is par for the course. Click to ENLARGE. I borrowed this picture from the Internet to serve as an example.


The Sri Lankan president and his Catholic wife meeting with the prior pope, at the Vatican, on June 8, 2102. Though she is wearing long sleeves, which is not the norm, she is still showing her midriff — though she has made a gallant attempt to minimize how much she shows. Be nice.