BJBHX, Aberdeen (Artio) Global High Income Fund: Might As Well Stick It Out Till 2015.

4069306934_c300,200,50,50,100Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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BJBHX and, as I have mentioned before,
go back a ‘long’ time
— which I think is getting close to 6 years by now.


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It has been a bumpy, sometimes very bumpy, ride at time. Twice I have bailed out, many times I have reduced my holdings — only to go back, tail between my legs, within 3 months.

So far, despite weeks of intense research, over many years, I have yet to find anything that delivers the same overall results, in terms of monthly dividends and marginal NAV appreciation, over the long run. BJBHX, since c. 2008, has saved my bacon and made sure that the kids can have bacon when they want it.

Yes, anytime the Fed is even thinking about increasing rates BJBHX takes a hammering. So September of this year was agonizing. I looked around. Nowhere else where I could realistically take refuge. So clung on. Monthly dividends weren’t anything to truly rejoice but they weren’t dreadful.

I had a looked at the ESTIMATED year-end distributions for December 2014. I have been burned on that — particularly in 2012. So, I take it all with a large handful of salt. I kind of double-guess their estimates. But, I have to say, even with me downgrading the numbers it could be a fairly decent year, though, of course, that has tax consequences. I have toyed with the idea of liquidating the day ahead of the ex-Div. date. That way I still get whatever dividend was priced in and only have to deal with Capital Gains — or in my case Losses because I have enough carryover from the era to last me this lifetime and a few more. But, as some of you may know BJBHX has a habit of going up on ex-Div dates IF the market does well! Basically the increase in the NAV overshadows the dividend being taken out.

So that is where I stand. No point doing anything shortterm. We have taken the interest rate related lumps, for the year, already.

Come Spring 2015 I will reevaluate matters again. So that is where I stand on BJBHX.