November 19, 2014: 151 Anniversary Of President Abraham Lincoln’s Monumental Gettysburg Address.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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It was delivered around 3:30 pm on
Thursday, November 19, 1863.

The ‘address’ was about 271 words long
and Lincoln delivered it in a few minutes.

It was part of a Memorial Service
coinciding with the reburial of the Union soldiers
who had died during the July 1 to 3, 1863
“Battle of Gettysburg”.

The MAIN speaker at the event was NOT President Lincoln.
It was Edward Everett,
a politician, preacher, diplomat, educator etc. from Massachusetts.
His speech, billed as the ‘Oration’
was entitled “The Battles of Gettysburg”.
It lasted 2 hours.

Lincoln spoke after that following
an interlude for an hymn, the “Consecration Chant”.

Lincoln’s short piece was billed in the program as
“Dedicatory Remarks, by the President of the United States”

It were these Dedicatory Remarks that came to the the
iconic “Gettysburg Address”.


An actual photograph, one of two that have been located. of Lincoln at Gettysburg ahead of the Address. From Wikipedia. Click to ENLARGE.


Click to ENLARGE and read. An actual copy of the Address, with corrections by the President, that had belonged to Lincoln’s then private secretary John Hay. From Wikipedia.


A YouTube video of the Address. Click to access. Please remember there was NO recording or filming of the event in 1863!

Inexplicably Google has NEVER done a Google Doodle to commemorate this epi Address or for that matter ANYTHING to do with Abraham Lincoln!

It is possible that they have a policy of not doing anything political — BUT marking the Gettysburg Address. That kind of looks remiss. I might have to ask them, as I did with the Google Doodle Sri Lankan Independence

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