Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2014 — THE Review: Another ‘Keeper’, Tart, Sharp & Hard To Ignore.

GD_BEAUJOLAIS_NOUVEAU_2014smAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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2013, i.e., last year.

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>> Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau
>> 2013 
THE REVIEWNov. 21, 2013.

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Yet another ‘keeper’, for the second (or maybe even third) year running, though, obviously, ‘keeper’ is really not the right word because this is an eminently potable wine. I would, as I did last year, even go as far as to say it is ‘chuggable’, i.e., you can drink it, in larger mouthfuls than you should or would like to, because it is such a congenial red.

I write this as I am sipping my second ‘glass’ of the Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2014. The first ‘glass’ (by N.H. restaurant standards as opposed to mine) went down way too quick though I tried to prolong it. This is yet another Beaujolais Nouveau for those, like me, who like robust red wines — and, moreover, like them sharp and with an aftertaste that has a kick.

It is fruity, as many would like it to be. Takes a second or more before you can really detect it in the aroma. But, once you get a whiff you are left in no doubt that this wine will make your senses think of fruit.

Much sharper and as such that much more tart than that of 2013 — but 2013 was one of the exceptional years. But, while it is so subjective, do not get me wrong — this is a very acceptable, definitely above average Beaujolais Nouveau. It has what I think of as a lingering ‘alkaline’ taste. I find that satisfying. It is kind of the opposite of a sweet wine. As I always tell folks Beaujolais Nouveau is not for everyone and I don’t think anybody tries to market it as such. Beaujolais Nouveau, and the 2014 is a perfect example, is a wine that will appeal, first and foremost, to those that normally like a robust red. Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2014, indubitably, is definitely that — a full-bodied, dry red.

Just as with last year’s Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau this is a wine that is easy to drink — provided, of course, that you are not expecting a sweet Riesling. Red wine drinkers could start on a bottle of this 2014, getting into a conversation, and in no time be looking at an empty bottle thinking ‘where did that all go?’. Yes, it is a perfect ‘conversation’ wine. You could really enjoy a good conversation while imbibing in this wine without the wine, ever, getting in the way. All it will do is enhance the ambience.

I bought 5 bottles. That is more than what I normally get on day one. But at least two are presents. One to a couple that really spoils us and the other to a fellow Brit in the hope that it might make him more mellow as to what he is going to be charging me soon for fixing Devanee’s 1968 green MGB! In my experience Beaujolais Nouveau is a wonderful too for ‘greasing the skids’. Though I only bought 5 bottles the ladies at the Concord (N.H.) Liquor ‘Outlet’ Store gave me the case (i.e., box). Happens. I only have to smile.

Bottom line. A KEEPER — meaning a red wine that you are going to drink and enjoy. And ‘enjoy’ really is the keyword. This is one heck of an enjoyable wine.