Devanee’s 1968 Green MGB Is Delivered To British Car Expert, Steve Barlow, In Wolfeboro, N.H., For A Lot Of TLC.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
by Anura Guruge

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It is a family tradition. All the kids have had a sport car assigned to them before they turn 16 — so that they can have it when they get a license. Matthew got a Camaro Z28 (though he, alas, never got to get his hands on it, but that was outside of my control). Danielle got a 1995 Yellow Corvette convertible. She had it for a few weeks and sensibly traded it in for a brand new Ford Focus. Now it was Devanee’s turn. Because she hangs out with me so much she likes British cars. So this MGB is for her when she turns 16. She can trade it in and get a more practical car if she wants though, right now, she is adamant that she is going to keep. That is fine too.

Well, being a 1968, it needs some work. It wasn’t going to get fixed sitting in the garage. Though I can do some work on a car like this I am not into any of the ‘heavy’ stuff.

Multiple people told me about Steve Barlow of “Barlow & Company” in Wolfeboro, N.H. I drive by his place every time I go to Wolfeboro though I have never seen any British sports cars parked outside. It took me 6 weeks to get Steve to come and have a look at the car — even with me pleading that I was a fellow Brit. He is busy. Finally, this Wednesday, after some phone-tag he managed to get around. We arranged to have the car delivered today. That we have AAA helped though we had to pay for some of it. But, it wasn’t a bad deal. Thanks AAA. We definitely have got our money’s worth from them this year.

Steve has quite the operation. He is doing a FULL restoration of another 1968 British racing green MGB roadster. That is in much better shape than ours and will be amazing when it is done. It will also be worth quite a bit at that point. We can’t afford even a 1/4 restoration! Just want it so that it is safe, runs and has a sticker. Keeping our fingers crossed. Right now I don’t even have an estimate. Just a long list of what needs to be done. Just hoping that we don’t need an engine rebuild. It runs. Devanee and I drove it from Francestown to Alton, 62 miles. Well, I will keep you posted.