“Penguins of Madagascar” 3D Movie — Good, Mindless, Unadulterated Entertainment.

.Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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POM_sq500_s11_w2.0I was hoping to see “Annie” (2014) at Thanksgiving. When we had gone to see “The Boxtrolls” in October we has seen the compelling trailers for “Annie” and “Paddington“. I had the notion that Annie was to be shown around Thanksgiving. I guess I was wrong by about a week and a half. It is scheduled to be in New Hampshire c. December 7. Why they didn’t make it a Thanksgiving movie will remain a mystery to me. But the “Penguins” was on, it tied in to the always funny “Madagascar” movies and as such I had two eight year olds who were all in favor that going to see it would be the perfect way to spend Black Friday afternoon. So we went to Cinemagic in Portsmouth, now my favorite movie complex, to see the “Penguins of Madagascar” in 3D.

It was classic mindless fun. Well animated and the 3D was just a tad short of Goldilocks perfection: not too harshly dramatic nor utterly flaccid, but just a teeny weeny bit away from sheer perfection. But, it was close enough. The 3D was clearly rendered and easy on the eye. 3D did not try to intrude, nor was it the end all, and be all of the movie. The color was vivid and there were very few dark scenes of any sort.

Reminded me of early Indian ‘Bollywood‘ movies. This was escapism for the sake of escapism and there is nothing wrong with that. Some blatant escapism is always rather cleansing. All you had to do was sit back, relax and just let the movie take you on a jape of a journey. Yes, of course it was clever but you could thoroughly enjoy it without having to worry about appreciating all of the clever cerebral stuff thrown in.

Kids liked it. It, however, will not displace “Frozen“, at least among the girls. Frozen, possibly through the music, just like the spell in the movie, has managed to cast a binding spell over its female fan base.

All in all just a fun, kids cartoon, funny and fast faced. Cute characters. Nothing really not to like. So if you need to take a kid to the movie prior to Annie, this will certainly do.