Wolfeboro, N.H. Realtors, Prudential Spencer-Hughes, Sponsors Gingerbread House Building Prior To 2014 Christmas Parade.

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by Anura Guruge

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We stumbled upon this very clever and guaranteed to be fun communal event after our Saturday morning ballet class in Wolfeboro, N.H. while waiting for the 2014 Christmas Tree Lighting and parade to start. I have to admit that it was the gingerbread lady that initially attracted me to the event. I wanted a picture of her. She kindly invited the two 8 year olds to participate. The rest is history.

Wonderful crowd inside. Realtors are always so convivial and one even mistook me for another ‘brown’ guy in Wolfeboro which kind of miffed me because I like being the only brown guy around. For the world of me I can’t remember if I have ever used Spencer-Hughes for any of my many real estate transactions around the Lake over the last 25 years. They all kind of blur into a jumble after a while. Got to meet the eponymous Mr. Robert Hughes (the President and Broker at the agency) and Fae Moore. Very pleasant people.

I gather this was an event that they had used to do and had fallen by the wayside for a few years. Glad they resurrected it. Kids loved it. Great way to get people to come into the office and get to know some of the people. Well done Spencer-Hughes.