I Yet Again, Reluctantly & With Dismay, Renew My Avast Internet Security For Another Year & Go For The 2015 Update.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. I am at 2015.10.0.2208 as you can see.



Click to ENLARGE. Notice I have turned off ALL the crud. Just keep the bare necessities on.

This really is a sad and classic case of the ‘known devil‘ syndrome — as I also pointed out last year. I have been with Avast for a very, very long time. Last year I did quite a bit of research to see if i should switch and in the end ended up keeping them because they were MY ‘known devil‘. And for that I got instant grief.

This year I just did not have the time to do any research on alternatives and I will not switch unless I do my own research and due diligence. So I waited until I had just 24 hours left on my subscription before I renewed because in the past Avast has not tagged on the renewal to the days remaining on the prior subscription. Well I wasn’t doing to lose any days I had already paid for, so I waited till the 11th hour. Avast, shamefully, was VERY OBNOXIOUS about it. For weeks it had been sending me messages and plastering my screen with Popups demanding that I renew. On Tuesday morning, with still 24 hours remaining I got a totally UNETHICAL and probably illegal popup telling me that my protection has been DISABLED — though I am savvy enough to know, from looking at my task tray icon, that this was a bare faced lie.

I wish Avast wasn’t so obnoxious. Ages ago they used to be a really nice company. Now they are constantly in your face and I know that they monitor everything I do on my PC. I wish they were not so obtrusive. But yet again it is the ‘known devil‘ syndrome. At least with Avast, having had them for so long, I have a rough idea as to what they are up to. I can even tell from the sound my hard drive makes when they are updating their definitions.

My recommendation with Avast, as ever, is TURN OFF everything other than the most basic. See above.

Well I will try to keep you posted. All the best.