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Northeastern Ballet’s 2014 ‘Nutcracker’, Durham Performances Dec. 6 & 7: Post Show Potpourri

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by Anura Guruge

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Teischan, in #2 t0 #4 above, took part as a Bon-Bon (as she also did last year) in both the Saturday and Sunday performances at Oyster River High School. Though we, of course, shuttled her their and back we did not attend either of those two performances. We go to one of the Wolfeboro performances because we consider that the ‘Home Game‘. So I only got to take pictures after the show. The very striking lady above is ‘Karen’, Teischan’s ballet teacher. She is also the one that you see, seated on the floor, in the ‘thumbnail’ image shown next to the links. I gather she used to be a talented and famous ballerina. I do not know her very well. But she kindly allowed me to take this picture. The two other girls above WANTED their picture taken and I was happy to oblige. They are so pumped after the show. Great stuff.

Well yesterday while Teischan was performing in Durham I bought tickets for all of us to go the ‘Nutcracker’ in Boston by the Boston Ballet. I will do a separate post on that. This is the funny thing about being in a show such as the ‘Nutcracker’ with such a large cast and umpteen acts. Teischan has never got to see the entire stage play. She just gets to see the act before the ‘Bon-Bons’ and the start of the one that follows. So she has only seen the entire show on DVD. Now she will get to see it, on a rather grand scale, on the stage.

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Plain But Pretty Google Doodle To Mark The 250th Anniversary of the Hermitage Museum In Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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∋∋ “Explore the Pyramids of Giza” Google Footnote — Oct. 1, 2014.

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I am fortunate enough to have visited the Hermitage, in 1968, when I was a student. By then, having spent a year in Paris and taken various visitors from Ceylon on tours of it, I was a veteran of the Louvre, but I still remember how impressed I was by the vastness of the place and its understated but opulent elegance.



From the Hermitage Museum Website. Click to access. Definitely worthwhile and rewarding.

December 7, 2014: 73rd Anniversary Of Attack On Pearl Harbor.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.DDay70thAnuraGuruge


Anura Guruge

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Given the profound and pivotal significance of this event in World history, never mind just U.S. history, it always surprises me that it does not get the commemoration it deserves. But then again I am beginning to notice that people are starting to forget about WW II. I guess there are more recent and ongoing conflicts that consume whatever little bandwidth people have today to focus on World events and history.

As far as I can see Google has never done a Google Doodle for this anniversary — but I think they, per their current policy, does not mark anything to do with wars. I could be wrong on that. I need, someday, to check that out. There were, however, stamps issued in 2010, for the 69th anniversary.

I did in mid-1980s, in a December, visit the USS Arizona Memorial (bottom image), at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is like no other war memorial I have visited — and that wasn’t just because it is water and you have to go to it by boat. There is something both splendid and sombre about it. That you are on an actual relic, and that there are remains of those that died in the attack below you, gives you a whole different perspective to say what you get when visiting a memorial in D.C.

Well, it is December 7 and we should take at least a second to think about the momentous events that took place in the Pacific 73 years ago. It really was a turning point in history.