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After-School “The Hour of Code” Today At Alton Central School (ACS), N.H., For Grades 5 – 8, Attended By 9 Students.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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I am not sure whether the fact that only 9 students, total, from Grades 5 to 8 attended this afternoon’s optional, after-school ‘Hour of Code’ initiative was good or bad. Only 1 eighth grader attended, our daughter — because I had told her that attending this was non-negotiable.

I gather that most of the other 8 graders believed that this was a ‘stupid’ event. C’est la vie.

There were probably at least 4 reasons for the belief that it was ‘stupid’ and I was concerned about one of them. The first of these obviously is that to 8 graders most things in life are ‘stupid’. Nothing you can do about that. At that age they know everything.

The second reason, and that is valid, is conflicts with other after-school activities. Only way to have avoided that was to have it during school hours and there may have been rules and regulations against that — especially since Obama and Microsoft (the two primary culprits in the “Common Core” crisis) also have a hand in this.

The third reasons could have been plain ignorance as to what the event was all about. I can believe that. “Hour of Code” by itself doesn’t explain much unless you already have an idea what CODE is all about. I plan to do an informal survey on this the next time I am up and about. Wonder how many kids and parents in Alton actually equate ‘code’ say with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, video games and GPS. That could have been a problem.


Click to ENLARGE. A little snippet of JavaScript. This could have got 8th graders slightly more engaged.

The fourth reason was the one that I was concerned about. The ‘blocky’-based drag-and-drop ‘programs’ really might have been too simplistic for 8th graders. Obama, as can be seen above, did a bit of good ol’ JavaScript. I think the 8th graders should have been given the chance to learn some procedural code.

BASIC used to be such a great way to teach youngsters the basics of coding. BASIC is available and if I had my way that is what I would have pitched to 8th graders — and YES, I have taught computer programming for money (even to post-graduate students at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)). So I do know a little bit about this.

Tomorrow Grades 3 & 4 have their turn. I gather more kids have signed up. Teischan is one of them and she has already done probably close to an hour of code on her own.

In the end this is no big deal one way or another. Good opportunity but if kids miss it now they can still learn coding down the road.

I, in 1969, aged 16 started taking my lessons in programming in Britain. First year it was offered. Changed my life. Two years prior I have never even heard the word computer growing up in a poor, third-world country. So yes I am kind of biased about the possible benefits of learning to code.

“Journey Through Middle-Earth” Video etc. — Google Footnote On December 8, 2014 For ‘Hobbit’ Hobbyists.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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∋∋ “Holidays are made with code
Google Footnote — Dec. 3, 2014.

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This is what you will begin with.
My son Matthew was a huge
‘Hobbit’ fan.
(I never fully understood it).
But I know he would have loved this stuff.
So, if you are an Hobbitist go for it.

Malaysian Airlines MH370: Today Is 9 Months And MH370 Has Fallen Off The News Radar

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Today is 9 months!

275 days.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Do YOU still believe it crashed into the sea?

Not one single piece of debris!


This makes a LOT of sense.
This would explain the lack of debris.


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That There Was A Conclave Conspiracy To Elect Pope Francis Is Pure, Unadulterated, Tabloid Hogwash.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Lets start with the definition of a ‘conspiracy’. So a ‘conspiracy’ has to do with something unlawful or harmful. Lets tackle the ‘unlawful’ part first, since that is so, so easy. The one and only purpose of a conclave is to elect a pope. There are stringent laws (albeit self-policed) that have to be adhered to in conclave and I won’t even bring up the supposed involvement of the Holy Spirit though Catholics believe that stuff (even if the German pope said that this was not the case). A pope only becomes pope when he declares that he was lawfully elected pope. This is not as trite as it sounds. As soon as he says he was lawfully elected, without any further steps, he becomes pope — and as of then only answerable to God. He immediately gets the title ‘Vicar of Christ’. Well, you just have to take it on trust that the soon to be ‘Vicar of Christ’ is NOT going to lie. Of course he can and if you believe that a pope would lie then the Catholics have even bigger problems than what they have to contend with. But basically any means by which a pope is elected at conclave, as long as the laws were not broken, cannot be a conspiracy.

Electing a pope is their one and only mission. Electing a pope to do harm is another matter. It boils down to ‘the victor the spoils’. Though this was, on paper, an extremely homogeneous electorate there would have been different opinions and biases. That does not mean that a group, or ‘Team’ as they are being called, wanted to do intentional harm to the Church. What they would have been seeking would have been something that has centuries of tradition within the Church and at conclaves — REFORM. Seeking reform doesn’t mean that one want to harm the Church — those that want reform think that reform with make the Church better and stronger. So the term conspiracy is inappropriate.

What there was, at best, was conclave ‘intrigue’ and with that you are basically subscribing, correctly, that the group of cardinals wanted to undermine the chances of some papabili and further the cause of theirs — in this case Bergoglio who became Francis. That is not a conspiracy. That is business as usual in politics and electing a pope is and has always been POLITICS. Conclave intrigue is nothing new, if anything to have conclave intrigue is usually the norm because there are invariably factions. 700 years ago when the papacy ruled over lands these factions had to do with national allegiance. Over the last 150 years, especially since 1870 when the papal states ceased to be, the factions, just like current U.S. politics have polarized into ‘moderates’ and ‘conservatives’. That the moderates would want a moderate elected and would campaign and canvass to do so does NOT make that a conspiracy. At best it is still intrigue and that only because it will be done surreptitiously given the dynamics of the electorate.

So basically all of this tabloid hogwash is trying to say is that a bunch of closet moderates (and it was not politic to appear a moderate during the last 35 years when two of the most conservative popes in a long time were in power) tried and succeeded in getting a moderate, i.e., Francis. elected. Not a conspiracy.

The other point about them getting Bergoglio’s assent is hilarious in its lack of understanding. Yes, I am sure that they made sure with Bergoglio that he would accept if they went to all the trouble to get him the necessary votes. But, the reason was rather simple. Bergoglio is a Jesuit. Bergoglio is the FIRST Jesuit to be pope and that is NOT a coincidence. Prior to Bergoglio  Jesuits had consistently declined the papacy saying that they had taken an oath to SERVE a pope and that they believed that this oath made them ineligible to be a pope. Jesuits basically stated, until Bergoglio, that they preferred to serve a pope than be a pope. Bergoglio deviated from that. The moderates had to make sure of this. That is all.

This is all hogwash invented by Austen Ivereigh.