Teischan As A Bon-Bon In The Northeastern Ballet’s 2014 ‘Nutcracker’ Performances In Durham, Dec. 6 & 7.

… ..
by Anura Guruge

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++++ Search on ‘Nutcracker‘, ‘ballet
& ‘Snow White‘ for more >>>>

Click to ENLARGE.

These images provided by Northereastern Ballet.

Teischan is standing, RIGHTMOST, in the bag (at the back) waiting to skip out.

Teischan is the furthest RIGHT.

Teischan is the LAST one at the back.

You can’t hardly see Teischan. She is right at the back to the RIGHT. You can just see her left cheek.

We plan to get some better pictures when we attend the Wolfeboro
performance given that my Canon Rebel T3i, set at ISO 6400,
can take some decent shots without a flash

Last year. As a Bon-Bon in Wolfeboro.


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