CNBC’s Ever Impressive Chief International Correspondent Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Is From Nashua, N.H.

jim-cramerAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Fancy that. I had no idea. Given her looks and name I had just assumed, quite incorrectly, obviously, that she was from California or thereabouts.

Then last Friday, ‘Black Friday’, while I was listening to CNBC, sipping coffee and reading news on my pad, I happened to hear her say that her folks are in Nashua, New Hampshire and that they were still without power. I was amazed. I looked it up. Sure enough. Appear that the family has been in Nashua for a very long time. She graduated from Nashua High School (South) in 1987. This is good for Nashua. Good for New Hampshire.

She is probably my favorite person on CNBC. I always find her impressive and do so for her cerebrality, understanding of the workings of other countries, her unflappability and common sense. She invariably puts the CNBC male personnel to shame, but that doesn’t take much. She sure seems to know her stuff and seems to do a good job with her research. I am surprised she has got even more prominence within CNBC, though I think part of that is because she likes to travel and doesn’t want to be tied to a anchor desk in New Jersey.

Well I am glad she is from New Hampshire. Great role model for our kids.