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Trouble Ordering OptionMonster Pete & Jon Najarian’s FREE Phone-Only Book. [But They FIXED It!]

omupdateboxAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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December 12, 2014 UPDATE.

I received the following e-mail, timestamped 4:33 pm, on Thursday, December 11. The original December 10 post, where I was livid (as only I can be), appeared around 12 am, Thursday morning (since I now tend to do my posts during my 3rd shift at night).


Click to ENLARGE. Yes, I redacted some stuff because I wasn’t sure whether Chris wanted his contact information plastered across the Web.

The book arrived, complimentary, Friday, December 12, via FedEx overnight around 12:30 pm. I am happy. Chris and I have exchanged a few e-mails and he plans to call me to see what went wrong. That would be good. I am glad and impressed that they put the matter right. Just for the record I never contacted them. I just did the post and I am too busy and lazy to bother with hashtags etc. So they somehow heard about the post. cf. ‘Hotel Impossible‘ or original post about this book.

I skimmed through the book. Looks interesting. At 148 pages it is concise and that is GOOD. I want to learn about options ‘broadband’ (or ‘firehose’). It appears to have all the correct graphs and the terms I was hoping to learn about. I am going to make time to read this book over the next week even if it detracts from the time I can devote to my latest book (which is slightly more interesting than options since it is about sex). Yes, I will do a post about the book.

So, as they say in Tintin, in this case, “all’s well that ends well”

The book as it arrived on Friday, December 12. I propped it up against my left-hand side monitor with the original blog post behind it to show that I really got it. You can see a bit of my original 1974 IBM “THINK” sign that I have written about. That you can see a stuffed tiger and ceramic figure of a Golden (with a puppy), made for me by Matthew, should be testament enough that this is my desk — not to mention the pipe-cleaner flower made by Teischan.

Original (but slightly toned down) December 10, 2014 post now that my blood pressure is back to 210/140.

I am not happy or amused.

I finally called the number, 1-800-961-1923, this afternoon.

Fully, totally automated voice-response system with a grating female voice called ‘Lisa’. It got me to punch in my credit card number asked me for my address (starting with ZIP code) and then hung-up mid-sentence.

Oh, they have a pretty nifty credit card database. As soon as they got my credit card information they confirmed that my home phone number was xxx … per THEIR data.

One minute I am listening to bloody Lisa laboriously intoning my address ‘2 … 6 … St….’. Next second I have DIAL frikking TONE! As they say on Fox News: Whiskey-Tango-Fox!

I am not amused. I am not happy. I have been checking my credit card hourly. No charge from them as yet. But trust me I will go to town if I see even a charge for 90 cents I do not recognize. [OK. There was NEVER a charge.]

They had my phone number in two ways: caller ID and from their credit card database. They, and by ‘they’ I mean the automated bloody system, confirmed that the number was correct. So why didn’t they just call me back to finish the transaction? Scam?

I am disappointed and …. I used to like them. [Well they have redeemed themselves.] IF not the pope, they are most likely richer than the poorest U.S. cardinal. Why would they resort to …

So WHY did I call. First and foremost I wanted the damn book. I have wanted it since January. I am an options junkie. I go through spells when I write options with the same speed and passion that other men pound down shots. I had an episode yesterday and day before. I was writing options, here, there and everywhere, to open and close positions like there was no tomorrow. Of course I made money. And sometimes I feel guilty about that. To me, there is always a stigma attached to making money from options, kind of like stealing candy from pups. My problem is that there is no method to my madness when it comes to options, just the sheer thrill of it. I have forced myself not to write out of the money options and I always had enough sense to stay away from naked calls. But I know I end up leaving too much money on the table. So I have for years promised myself that I will teach myself MORE about options. Hence trying to get this bloody book. Their option strategy and style gels with me. So I won’t have to ignore chunks of what is said in the book.

So that was the first reason. The NEED for the book to help me learn more about options.

The second reason was to see why it is still PHONE ONLY. I, as the graph below testifies, get quite a few hits a day with others that have the same concern. Why can’t you get this book online? I have had some 5,000 hits just on that. So I wanted to check. Well, I found out the hard way. I got slammed. Not good. IF I see a charge on my card … GIVEN that we never finished the call. It just ended, mid-sentence, after it got my credit card number and ascertained my address.

Shame on you Pete. I thought you were a nice guy. And I was such a fan. [Well they have redeemed themselves.]


Click to ENLARGE.

Skydive With Santa, Race With Reindeer etc., Santa Tracker — Google Footnote On December 12, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

Last Google Doodle:
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∋∋ “Holidays are made of code” Google Footnote
>>>— Dec. 3, 2014.

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UPDATED to provide direct access to
“Santa Skydive

— after December 12, 2014.

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Here is the footnote.
It appears on the standard Google search page.

Clicking on that footnote will take you to this.

Kids will love this.

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Water Found On 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko By Philae NOT Representative Of All Comets!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013. .. ... .. …. . .
Anura Guruge

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Click to access original from ‘USA Today’. Google for others.

I am no stranger to Rosetta/Philae.
I talked about the mission in my Comet book. Check it out.
There is more in my Black Comet ISON book. Check that out too.

One comet does NOT an sample make.

For ESA to make this bold assertion based on findings from just one, periodic comet is irresponsible and immature. They are just grandstanding. They said that the lander will not get any sunlight. They had to retract that when I called their bluff! One comet, especially a non-representative periodic, with much of its original mass already sublimated, is NOT the basis to make such a generalization.

There are billions of comet’s out there. Maybe even more. This is but comet and we really don’t even know where it came from.

All I want to do is to say … hold your horses. This is just ONE comet. We know of at least 4,500. We know that there are billions, possibly trillions, (potential as they may be) out there in the Oort Cloud. The Earth was probably hit by tens of thousands over the last 4 BILLION YEARS. And ESA makes this claim after looking at ONE measly comet.

Give me a break. This is poor science. ESA should be ashamed of itself.

CNBC In Interview With CKE Restaurant CEO Claims Enrollment Period For ObamaCare (for 2015) Is Over! It Is Not.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Here is the video on CNBC itself. Listen to it. It is a 3:23 minute video and this statement occurs right towards the end. Start at say 3:10. Click to access.

bettybloodyquickThis was around 8:25 am Thursday morning. The alarm had gone off at 8:20. I was just getting my eyes to focus on the TV (and that takes a few minutes when I don’t have my contacts and have my old glasses on). It was an interview with this CEO of CKE Restaurants. I had never heard of him or his chain. He made the claim that Obamacare enrollment, without specifying whether he was talking about employee or individual enrollment, was over. Well INDIVIDUAL enrollment for Obamacare (i.e., ACA) is NOT over for 2015. The current deadline is December 15, 2015. That is next Monday. And the chances are that the White House, as they did last year and early this year, will extend that.

Becky Quick, who since motherhood, as alas, quickly gone downhill, and become a ditzy blonde jumped in, quick, to CONFIRM that. That was either total, inexcusable ignorance or a blatant attempt to mislead the public. Yes, that CNBC hates Obamacare even more than Joe Kernen despises brown guys is well known. But this was not required.

So lets be clear. Individual enrollment is STILL open. Do what I do. Just ignore Quick. She does not know what she is saying much of the time — given that her primary role is to read from the teleprompter. She is not a patch on Michelle Caruso-Cabrera who I raved about yesterday. I doubt whether she would have got something as trivial as this wrong or compromise her credibility by distorting the truth. 

Catholics Take HEED. Pope Announces That He Plans To Reorganize The Holy See!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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From ‘Vatican Information Service’ (VIS) on Thursday, December 11, 2014. Click to ENLARGE and read. Use link below to access the original VIS post.

Click … to access original ‘Vatican Information Service’ (VIS) post.

This was the last sentence in an announcement about the next cardinal creating consistory. That the pope is having a consistory on mid-February is par for the course. 4 of the 9 (44.4%) cardinal creating consistories held since 1998 have been in February. Plus the College (barring deaths) will be down to 110 cardinal electors by then — 120 being the ‘full house’ in terms of cardinal electors.

That the pope intends to reform the Roman Curia, the administrative arm of the Church, is not new, overdue and routine.

What was a surprise was the last statement. This could be a BIGGIE.

‘Holy See’ is one of those terms that has multiple nuanced meanings depending on the context it is being used. In this announcement no effort was made to provide any context. So the reorganization could be trivial as the pope saying that he is appointing more auxiliary bishops to help run the dioceses of Rome to the pope making a ground shift change to the Church and papacy — e.g., saying he is going to appoint a Vice-Pope. With this pope you never know. That is the danger. That is the intrigue.

A few years ago I wrote this description of the Holy See. From what I can see it is still the most accurate and thorough explanation yet.
[Please, if you are going to use it just say where it came from.]

Anura Guruge’s explanation of the Holy See.

It denotes the papal seat and refers to the bishopric of Rome – and thus connotes  the office and the authority of the pope.

‘See’ from the Latin sedes means seat (and the word sedentary also comes from this same root). As such it came to represent the seat (or throne) on which a bishop was installed thereby empowering the bishop with the jurisdiction over that diocese. It is the Latin equivalent of the Greek cathedra from which the word cathedral comes from – with a cathedral being the church containing the bishop’s throne. In Latin, the Holy See is Sancta Sedes.

An Episcopal See, where episcopal signifies bishops, thus denotes the office (or jurisdiction) of a bishop. The Holy See (or “Holy Seat”) therefore refers to the diocese of Rome under the care of the Bishop of Rome; i.e. the pope. It also connotes the office and the authority of the pope.

In the context of the laws of the Roman Catholic Church [i.e. cannon law], the Holy See designates the central government of the Roman Catholic Church. The bureaucracy that has been used by the popes since the late 16th century to run this central government is known as the Roman Curia. Consequently, Holy See is also sometimes used to collectively mean the pope and this Roman Curia. Similarly it can also be used as an overarching sense to encompass the ethical and judicial standing of the Roman church.

The Holy See also administers the Vatican City, the sovereign city-state wholly contained within Rome and the official residence of the popes since 1871. In this capacity it is the Holy See, rather than the Vatican City, that establishes and maintains diplomatic relations with other states. International law and conventions accept the Holy See as having its own distinctive legal identity. Given this added temporal dimension, matters pertaining to the pope’s spiritual and diplomatic prerogatives are also sometimes referred to by the term Holy See.

[For arcane historic reasons related to its status within the Holy Roman Empire as well as to the stature of its Archbishop St. Willigis (during 975 to 1011), the See of Mainz (in Southwestern Germany) was proclaimed as a Holy See in the late 10th century. It still retains that title though it is rarely used and even less well known about.]

Stay tuned. I will try to stay on top of this so that it doesn’t totally blind side all of us.