PSNH Increases Their Electricity Rate To 10.56 cents/kWh from 9.78 cents.

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by Anura Guruge

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Our two Sears generators for when PSNH falls down on the job.

Those of us in N.H. blessed enough to get their electricity from PSNH to have ANOTHER guaranteed, iron-clad, no-exceptions CERTAINTY in life to add to those of ‘you will die’ and ‘you will pay taxes’ — the third being ‘PSNH will increase their rates’. So on cue it has happened again. An 8% increase. 8%.

But to be fair to them they are, for now, cheaper than ENH who are at 11.39 or the NH Electric Cooperative who is socking it to their customers at 11.60. So, for now, I am quids in. This is what I did not automatically renew with ENH.

But I think I will have to do some shopping on the Web to see what other rates I could get. This 8% is till about June 2015, I think. It will go up again by August.