Devanee & I With Governor Maggie Hassan & Mr. Tom Hassan At The State House On December 18, 2014.

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by Anura Guruge

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Anura Guruge, Governor Maggie Hassan, Thomas Hassan, Christmas 2014

We lucked out.

‘Granite State Ambassadors’ (GSAs), given that we help out at the State House, were kindly invited to attend the Governor’s Christmas Tea for State Workers. I was going to go. I like the Governor, I like visiting the State House and I wanted to take some pictures. When Devanee heard I was going her words were: “you are not going without me”. Well, I like to please. So I e-mailed the State House. They were lovely. The answer was ‘of course, you can bring her‘. Thank you.

Now Devanee did meet with the Governor, at the State House, in July and had her picture taken. But it was good that she wanted to go.

The Governor, first and foremost a mother, is delightful. She is so, so good with children — actually with adults too. Given that we take school parties on tour I have seen her in action with kids a number of times. Just magical. First time I got to meet Mr. Thomas Hassan, the Principal of Phillips Exeter Academy. Suffice to say he is a CLASS ACT.

It was a great experience. Lot of nice people. We got to chat with some interesting folks. LOT of food, but mainly chocolates and sweets. So I had to graze on some cheese. But it was very good. I will post my pictures later today.