Virginia Drew, Director, New Hampshire State House Visitors’ Center With 2014 State House Christmas Ornament.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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Virginia comes up with the design for each year’s State House Christmas ornament — and they are extemely popular. Each year she manages something representative and compelling. For 2014 the theme was “1ts in the Nation Primary”. This ornament is $18.

Virginia Drew is quite a remarkable, multitalented and vastly competent lady. She runs the State House Visitors’ Center like a well oiled machine with a nonchalant efficiency that is quite amazing to witness. Her knowledge of N.H., U.S. and State House history and lore is encyclopedic. Artistic to boot as is demonstrated by her yearly Christmas ornament designs. I always enjoy seeing her. Invariably I come away having learnt something. On Thursday, Virginia, who also has a heart of gold made sure that all of Granite State Ambassadors (GSAs) had a chance to visit the Governor’s Christmas Tea. That is when I took this picture because I had my Canon in my hand.