‘Flutterbye Flying Fairy — Dusk’: Teischan Christmas 2014.

flutterbyeamazon.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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The Highlights First

>> After a couples of glitches at first, it WORKED & it worked as portrayed.

>> Definitely flies, flies quite high and YES it can be controlled by holding your hand underneath it (which increases the pressure of the downdraft). Very clever.

>> Yes, it flies into things.

>> Yes, you expect, all the time, for it to break or for it to break something. More rugged than I expected.

>> But, on its seventh or eighth flight it did hit the wall hard and a wing broke off.

>> Teischan was very upset.

>> It was Christmas, and she is a ‘Guruge’, so I got on Amazon and ordered another one. She will have it by Tuesday.

>> Found a place that claims to have spare parts, but given it was Christmas Day we didn’t bother to call or e-mail.

>> I like it. I think it is very clever. At $22 (and free shipping) it is not outlandish. Deanna disagrees with me completely. But, I have four kids who will vouch that I am very good at picking toys.


Click to access a short, 45 second, photo montage of Teischan and the Flutterbye, during its first few flights, set to music.

We saw one on an episode of ‘Americas Funniest Videos’ (AFV) this fall. That was where one flies into an open, lit fireplace. I liked it at once. Made a mental note.

Though 8, and she sometimes says things that catch her out, Teischan maintains that she believes in Santa and Deanna goes along with it. I, now that she is eight, is a bit more pragmatic. So this year I didn’t go with the charade of her telling us what she wants Santa to bring and writing a letter to Santa — though I think she and the mother did write a few. Instead, the week after Thanksgiving, I called her up to my PC, went onto Amazon and said ‘OK, lets pick what you want for Christmas’. She was cool. She mainly picked Legos. She loves her Legos. But this year I got her into ordering two from the Architectural Series — her first foray, though Devanee has been hooked on that Series for the last 3 years.

At the end, after she had picked out what she said she wanted, I brought up the Flutterbye. She said she would like one. I think she was nervous that it would break.

We read the reviews and watched the videos. I realized that it would break eventually. But IF it worked, and worked well, for a few days it would be worth it at $22. So she looked through all the fairies and for reasons I never understood picked ‘Dusk’. I think it was the color combination — plus some were, inexplicably, more expensive and we had agreed that we would only get a $22 one.

She got it Christmas morning, all wrapped up and under the first floor Christmas tree. She was happy.

After she opened all the presents the Flutterbye was the first she wanted to play with. It required 6 AA batteries. I loaded 6 new ones.

The first charge takes 30 minutes. She insisted that she was going to read the instructions and get it to work. My job was just to put the batteries in.

We had some flashing lights at the start saying ‘connection errors’. She figured those out on her own. Waiting the 30 minutes was a challenge but luckily she also got a 4 DVD ‘Shrek’ box set and she could watch the latest ‘Shrek’ on her laptop while she was waiting.

Initially the flashing red light at the front of the base wasn’t doing what I would have expected BUT it flew — first time. Flew well.

I was impressed. Yes, it crashed into the ceiling and the wall. She was sure that it would break. It didn’t.

I explained to her the aerodynamics. Even used a book to show that a larger flat surface would work even better than one’s hand, though using the hand makes it rather magical. Very clever. Unless the downdraft created by the rotating wings is interrupted by a hand (or any other surface) the fairy slowly sinks. That is the magic. Using the hand to ‘push up’ the air so to speak.

Recharging was quite fast.

She loved it. She played with it for a long time. Even let Devanee have a try. Yes, it crashed into the wall numerous times.

It finally broke sometime in the late afternoon on its 7th or 8th flight. I was upstairs writing (Christmas not a factor). She did not come up and tell me. When I went down I heard all about it. Deanna had been there. Deanna, who did not see the early flights, was not impressed. She was mad. I disagreed. I said flying toys break — and I should know, especially after Matthew.

Given my standing with Amazon I could have returned it to Amazon NO QUESTIONS asked. Given the amount of business I do with Amazon, Amazon does not duke with me when it comes to returns. Plus they know that invariably I turn around and order the same thing or similar. BUT, I was not going to return it. Was not Amazon’s fault or even Mattel. Given that it has to be light they can’t make it any sturdier at that price. Yes, if it was $60 they could use some fancy synthetics.

I calmed Teischan down my saying I will order her another. It was Christmas and the kids know that there are certain benefits to being my child. So we went upstairs and ordered another. I joined Amazon Prime just to get the fast shipping. That is different story, another post.

I did find a place that claims to provide spare parts. I will tell you how that worked out.

So that is the story. I like it. What can I say: I bought TWO.

But, here is the rub. I also bought both kids identical, quadcopter drones with a built-in camera. I thought they would be excited. I think they were both intimidated by it. I think they are worried that they would crash it. In this case I already have a bunch of spare parts ordered from Amazon! I might have to take Teischan out with her drone tomorrow so that she has something to fly.

Devanee looking at her Drone. Teischan got the very same one so that they will not fight about taking turns flying.