Teischan’s UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone (For Christmas 2014) Has Been An Unqualified Success.

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by Anura Guruge

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I got Teischan (8) & Devanee (14) each an identical UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone, from Amazon, for Christmas 2014. After I order their toys and electronics I usually look around for a ‘family’ gift that they both can play together with us. This year with Drones so much in the news, and us having had first hand experience with Shane Sellings’ amazing hexacopter, I decided to look into drones. I guess I lucked out. I was doing my shopping, on Amazon as is my wont, during cyber-shopping week. I must have stumbled across an Amazon special. I saw these drones for $60/each. They are now selling at $99! They were also tagged as the #1 drone in Amazon. How could I resist. I ordered two. I kept them in the big box they came from and on Christmas Day, as the last present they were going to get, I got them to open the box. They were not as excited as I had hoped. I think they were intimidated. They didn’t touch the drones all day Christmas.

On Boxing Day Devanee was still wrapped up in her new Android phone. Teischan was still building her legos, watching ‘Shrek’ on her 4-DVD set and playing with my train set. But in the afternoon she said she wanted to try out the drone. We had to charge the battery. By the time that was done and we were ready it was dark. I being who I am, of course, tried out the drone, to see if the batteries worked INSIDE. Of course I am not supposed to do that. But, Teischan and I then went out, in the dark, albeit with the outside Christmas lights and outside house lights on and gave it a spin. It has 5 LEDs. So you can’t lose it as we discovered when it crashed into the roof. Using the LEDs we still managed to fly it down. That was all in the first 5 minutes.

Devanee looking at her Drone. Teischan got the very same one so that they will not fight about taking turns flying.

To say that I am impressed with it is an understatement. Best $60 I have EVER SPENT, hands down. WOW. Two thumbs & two toes up. It works. It works well and it has, to date, proved to be unexpectedly rugged. Yes, it came with some spare parts and I had already ordered a few more. This is a KEEPER. Yes, I will spend money on it. IF I can’t fix it when it breaks, as its surely will, I will just get the next model up!

We haven’t tried the camera or video yet. Teischan, to her credit, has done 95% of the flying. I have tried it a few times BUT it is hers and she wants it. That is fine. If I want a drone I will just need to go and get one.

We recommend it without hesitation. Love it.

Yes, you will probably get sick of the drone pictures, videos and posts. Sorry. What can I say.

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