Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: Interesting Rumor Doing The Rounds Over Christmas.

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by Anura Guruge

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No, I am not going to say what the rumor is about, because, as yet, it is but a rumor. Plus, from what I can see everybody in town who would care has already heard about it and passing it along. Those that haven’t heard about it probably wouldn’t care about it anyway.

My primary reason for doing this post is to document the timing of this rumor, just in case the timing proves to be interesting. As some of you have worked out this blog doubles as my very public, personal electronic journey. When I document something on this blog I know where to find it, have a powerful search capability to help me and it doesn’t get lost because WordPress, bless their hearts, backs it all up for automatically and for gratis to boot.

The rumor is said to have originated from within ACS. That surprises me. Yes, some of the details and specifics are ‘spot on’ BUT that alone doesn’t mean that the entire rumor is true.

loose-lips-sink-ships-2We received the first phone call about it on Saturday, December 20, 2014 around 4pm. I wasn’t home. I was with Teischan at her Nutcracker rehersals, at Anderson Hall, in Wolfeboro, N.H. Deanna answered the phone and got the whole story. She related it to me, breathlessly, as soon as I got home. The next day I e-mailed the person who had called and we established that there has to have been some ‘fire’ in order for this ‘smoke’.

At a Christmas Eve party in Alton, on Christmas Eve as it happened, I heard it again. Same story. Same details.

Then I heard it again, Sunday afternoon, December 28th, at the Alton dump. The story hasn’t changed.


If this rumor is true it should be the function of the local newspaper to report it. I will wait to see what comes out in the paper.

Happy New Year.