Samsung WB350F 16.3MP Point-And-Shoot Camera: LCD Display Went Haywire 2nd Day Of Use!

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. See the lines across the LCD display

I got the Samsung WB350F 16.3MP, with its 21x optical zoom, for Deanna as a Christmas present after considerable research.

Deanna has a Panasonic Lumix ZS20 — the original of which I got her two Christmases ago. She loves it and it takes stunning pictures. But as I have faithfully chronicled in this blog we have had a LOT of TROUBLE with the lens on this camera particularly with it sticking. I really have lost count but I think we are on the 3rd replacement — and Amazon, as ever, has been wonderful. This Summer past it started having another problem, pictures taken in certain ‘modes’ would have unwanted, unpredictable black borders. You might have noticed them in some of the pictures I posted this Summer before I got my refurbished Canon.

So I wanted to get her a new camera. She loves taking pictures but is very fussy. I wanted to get her a fixed lens DSLR with 50(+)x zoom. She doesn’t want one of them. Too big. It has to be a flat point-and-shoot. It has to have at least 20x zoom and panorama mode is imperative. The latter rules out all Canons. So that is how I ended up with this Samsung. 21x zoom. 360° automated panorama. Wi-Fi etc. etc. I checked the reviews. They were mainly good. Also got a good deal from Amazon just as I did with the quadcopter drones. I could get it from Amazon for about $15 less than what everybody else was selling it — and I get free shipping from Amazon.

So I ordered one … way back in early December.

Deanna got it on Christmas day. She was skeptical at first. She insisted that she didn’t want a new camera. But then she started reading the specs and was blown over. Then when she powered it up and saw the touchscreen and Wi-Fi she was excited. It worked fine to begin with.

Then on Saturday, December 27, Teischan and I went down to the beach to fly Teischan’s drone. Deanna and Devanee decided to walk down, Deanna carrying her new camera. On the way she stopped to take some pictures and found that the LCD was all messed up. So when she made it to the beach she gave it to me hoping I would know how to fix it. The screen by then was totally haywire. Horizontal lines all over and it would start to swim. Tried cycling power. Took out the card and battery. Tried all the modes. Nothing.

I suspect it had something to do with the cold — THOUGH it wasn’t really that cold! Low 40s I think. This is crazy.

When we came home we tried again. The lines would never totally go away THOUGH it was better once it had warmed up inside the house than it was on the beach.

Of course we returned it. Deanna doesn’t want another one.

But here is the REALLY SCARY part. I bought Devanee, on eBay, from China, a ‘cheap’ ($60), SELFIE Samsung last Christmas. She loved it. She could take selfies at will using the front-facing LCD. In Spring the LCD started to develop a black hole. I had not brought it from Amazon. So returning it wasn’t a piece of cake. The black hole does NOT appear in the pictures. It is JUST the LCD corrupted and compromised. Deanna did some research. Appears this problem was COMMON with this camera.


Click to ENLARGE. Notice the black hole towards top left. Those are burned pixels in the LCD. It started out quite small. Then started to expand rapidly. It has stabilized at this size. But Devanee rarely, if ever, uses it now because, quite understandably, the black hole annoys her. She now has an Android phone with a camera. So this will see even less use.

So two Samsung point-and-shoot cameras, in a year,
and they both had LCD issues!

What bothers me MOST is that I was really leaning towards Samsung mirrorless
technology for my next camera.

I was hoping to get a Samsung NX1 in the Spring.

Yes, given that I would have got it from Amazon
returning it would NOT be a problem —
but do I want to buy a $2,000 camera to find
that the LCD doesn’t work.

I am shocked and amazed.

I had expected better from Samsung.

I am so glad that I do 96% of my shopping on Amazon.

So I am not a happy camper when it comes to Samsung.

Right now I think Samsung sucks.