Another AirAsia Accident Even As Bodies Being Recovered From AirAsia QZ8501? This Is NOT Right.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access report from U.K. “Sky News”. Google “AirAsia runway”, in NEWS, for more.


This is NOT right.

Fourth Malaysian plane accident, that I know of, in 9 months.

Something very fishy is going on.

Don’t forget that there was, SUPPOSEDLY, a warning on a Chinese blog about AirAsia 13 days BEFORE QA8501.

I definitely think something is up and Malaysian planes are being used as unfortunate guinea pigs. I am not going to elaborate on that. Read between the lines.

We now have open warfare on the Internet following the Sony hack.

I have to think, BUT I could be wrong, that hacking into airline navigation systems is probably easier! WHY? Because nobody thought anybody would try to hack them when they were being designed ’10’ years ago! All systems on planes, by definition, are old — because nobody wants bleeding edge technology on planes. I suspect that ‘somebody’, a foreign nation, is monkeying around with ‘radio’ signals in the “Java Circle“. But, this is so that they can iron out the bugs. Not saying any more.


Also PLEASE note the difference between Malaysian Air MH370 and AirAsia QA8501.

They FOUND wreckage from QA8501 within 72 hours.

6,500 hours after it disappeared we have not found even one pillow from MH370.

Don’t be duped.