Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: Now Official. Superintendent William (‘Bill’) Lander Is Indeed Leaving.

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by Anura Guruge

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Today, Thursday, January 8, 2015 front page story in ‘The Baysider’.


Click this link to access the story on the front page of ‘The Baysider’.

My post of December 29, 2014 when I tried to give YOU a heads up.

By that time we knew that it was no longer a rumor BUT all those
that needed to know knew by then as I said right up front.

See my e-mail, of that same day, Dec. 29, to Josh Spaulding
of ‘The Baysider‘. I not only give him the tip but provided him
with the basis for his headline.

Click here or the image above to access my December 29, 2014 post.

My December 29, 2014 e-mail, at 12:29 pm to Josh with the subject
“Alton Superintendent Leaving in June”


In my December 29 post I documented the timeline.

Deanna got a phone call about it on Saturday, December 20, 2014. It was from an Alton resident. That person had heard it from a friend — also an Alton resident. Neither of these people work at or for ACS. One doesn’t even have any young kids. Just a concerned Alton Taxpayer.

Then we heard it again, from an Alton resident, at a Christmas Eve party in Alton. The person telling the story was not in any way associated with ACS — this person also did not have any young kids. So the story had done the rounds of Alton. Suffice to say there was much merriment at the party, as is to be expected at a Christmas party. Not that I needed any excuses but I thoroughly enjoyed a few glasses of fine red wine — the hosts of the party noted for their impeccable taste in good wine.

By now we all knew the scoop.

‘The Baysider’, sticking to its mission of refusing to do any ‘investigative reporting’, never got to the bottom as to why Lander is meandering away.

Was he by any chance asked to leave? I hope not. I have been told that he is the most qualified, experienced and proficient Superintendent around. 

Is he leaving per his own volition? Seems reckless given that right now ACS does not even have a principal.

We lost a Principal last June, this June we lose the Superintendent.

This seems a bit careless to me. You can understand losing one. But losing both in a year.

Never mind. New opportunities. Pastures new. We have Linda Wilman. And she is doing a stellar job. That is the one bright spot in all of this.