NOIEX, ‘Northern Income Equity Fund’, Has Been Basically Flat In The 3 Weeks Since The HUGE Distribution.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. From Yahoo Finance.


Click to ENLARGE. From Yahoo Finance. NOIEX since December 18, 2014 compared to S&P and NASDAQ. Bar the ‘drop off the cliff’ NOIEX, by and large, is tracking the two indexes, which is fair enough.


Really the SAME chart as above. But to help show the INDEX TRACKING I ‘cut & pasted’ the two Index lines from the top — close to the NOIEX track. Click to ENLARGE.


Click to ENLARGE. From Yahoo Finance. NOIEX for the same period as above compared with one of my other stalwarts AMG YACKTMAN FUND. But remember YACKX is NOT an income fund. It is a growth fund. But they have tracked roughly the same. I use YACKX to complement NOIEX.

So NOEIX since the distribution is down $0.02 on the NAV. That is 0.16%.

For that same period the S&P is down 0.80%.

So if ANYTHING NOIEX has held is own.

I promised that I will track NOIEX during the early part of the year. Well, I am doing just that. The market as you know has been crazy. Basically going sideways in fluctuations. I have not changed my positions in NOIEX. That will keep both Fidelity and NOIEX happy. They can’t accuse me of short-term or excessive trading in NOIEX. I will again have a hard look at it around the 24th, after the January dividend and the ECB rate decisions. The market should, with luck, have found some direction by then,

So for now, I will just sit tight, unless, of course, you have something definitely more promising than NOIEX in which to stick that cash.