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“Dance Revelasian”, Boston-Based Ethnic Chinese Dance Troupe Performing Traditional, Classical & Contemporary Styles.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click here to access the ‘Dance Revelasian’ Website.

I lucked out in finding this wonderful troupe. As is my wont, straight after the January 1 New Year I started looking around for Chinese New Year events in and around New England.


Esther Chang, Company Director, Dance Revelasain.

Dance Revelasian” is performing at UNH, in Durham on February 7, for a Chinese New Year Celebration.

I contacted the UNH group organizing this event, on Friday, since I can’t find any information about it on the Web. It is not the “New Year’s Gala” as was the case last year. I have been in touch with the person who organized that last year. They are doing an event, later in February, and I should have details about that soon.

The Company Director of “Dance Revelasian”, Esther Chang, and I have exchanged e-mails. She has been extremely helpful.

Yes, of course I want to see them perform at UNH if I can. As you know I am not one to forgo opportunities like this. So I will plug away trying to get the details, and when I do, as you know, I will, of course, share them with YOU.

So … fingers crossed.