Hannaford Supermarkets MUST Stop Wasting Paper. Conserve Paper. Help The Planet. Be A Good Neighbor.

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by Anura Guruge

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nopaperhannford1aHannaford Supermarkets, as corporate policy, INSIST on wrapping any meat or fish you buy from the meat or fish counters in butcher’s paper because they think it looks cool.

So here is the discrepancy and irony. All the meat for sale on the shelves and freezers are in plastic wrapped styrofoam trays. They don’t try to wrap them in paper. But, if you go up to the meat counter or the fish counter and buy something from the display case they first put it into a plastic bag, seal it and then immediately start wrapping it in paper — unless you are quick enough to stop them. I always INSIST “NO PAPER — I am British”. << That is a joke that many of you will not get. Sorry. >>

Sometimes they tell me that they do so because the ‘girls’ at the checkout complain … I retort, ‘Tough. They have their spray cleaners, they can clean the belt with that if it so grosses them out …’.

Had this same conversation on Friday with a ‘butcher’ at Alton Hannaford after I bought some of their absolutely sumptuous feta and spinach stuffed sausages. They put the links in a plastic bag and sealed the top, very tightly, with tape (from a dispensing machine). Then they were going to wrap the sausage. Yes, I do appreciate that that is the pukha way to do it. Yes, we have all seen the WW II era movies. But there is no need. So when I was bemoaning this waste the manager of the meat section saunters over. They all know me. I practically live at Hannaford’s. He agreed with me. He said that there was no hygienic or sanitary reasons for the butcher’s paper. Just corporate policy because it looks nice and posh!

This is crazy. This is wanton squandering of natural resources for NOTHING. Plus, as we all know, we must be paying for that paper — plus it increases the weight! There is no need for this corporate recklessness and greed.

Hannaford, grow up, stop WASTING paper.


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