Why Is The Alton, N.H. Town Dump Open On Martin Luther King Day?

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by Anura Guruge

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Happened to hear, from somebody who works at the Dump, that they will be open, usual Monday hours, on Martin Luther King Day, January, 19, 2015.

Somehow that seems wrong.

I can’t find anything about Martin Luther King day closings on the Alton Town Website. Actually until tonight never realized how pitiful, archaic and uninformative it was. Nothing on the ‘Town Calendar‘ for January 19. I guess nobody cares.

Yes, we all know that New Hampshire was the last state to adopt Martin Luther King Day as a holiday. I still remember when we had school in N.H. on Martin Luther King Day.

I checked the Websites of some other N.H. towns — all of which were much more modern, slick and information packed, for example Gilford. All the ones I looked at said that the Town Hall was closed on Martin Luther King Day. Good for them.

Well Alton prides itself on its deep conservative values. So I guess snubbing MLK Day, again, is just a part of that rich tradition.


Click to ENLARGE and read. Use link, in text, above to access the Gilford Website. Note that the calendar clearly states MLK. Now check the Alton Website. Nothing, NADA, against Monday, January 19, 2015. I hang my head in shame on behalf of the Town and as a taxpayer.

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