Pope Francis’ “Catholics Don’t Have To Breed Like Rabbits” Insulting, Insensitive, Hypocritical & Ignorant.

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by Anura Guruge

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Official ‘Vatican Information Service’ (VIS) transcription. Click to ENLARGE & read. Use this link to access the original: http://visnews-en.blogspot.com/2015/01/questions-and-answers-on-manila-rome.html


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Click to access original at the “New York Times”.

This pope is OUT OF CONTROL. Best case he is getting senile. Worst case there is something wrong with him!

This is beyond the pale. His whole spiel about limits to Free Speech when it comes to religion and then pretending to PUNCH a person was not worthy of a mature adult, let alone a pope. That British Prime Minister David Cameron explicitly said that the pope was wrong was quite the thing.

Catholics don’t try to breed like rabbits. [Yes, the VIS ‘transcript’ doesn’t say it as such, BUT VIS is noted for editing papal remarks to make them more Catholic.] They, especially the men, are trying to do the best that they can, per their human needs and urges, given the constraints put upon them. Plus the pope is wrong. Catholics were encouraged to procreate. To accuse poor women of breeding like rabbits, when in most cases they do not have a say in the matter, is insulting and ignorant. This pope should hang his head in shame. I started off liking this pope. I am now having some serious doubts. There is something WRONG with him. He has become a NUT CASE.


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