TDS Telecom Incompetence Scales New Heights. They Accidentally Disconnect Our Phone Line!

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by Anura Guruge

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Update coming Wednesday night; i.e., Jan. 21, 2015.
Line is fixed and up and running to my relief.

All my rants about TDS exclude, by definition, the local Alton Technician, Timothy Barker,
who is OUTSTANDING. Never have any problems with Tim.
See this post.

IF I could deal with Tim exclusively I would never have any problems with TDS.
Yes, Tim fixed the problem — and 100% of it had to do
with the TDS folks that provide telephone support.

Click here for UPDATE.

This afternoon, to our horror, we discovered that our land-line from TDS Telecom has NOT been working since last Thursday! TDS had accidentally disconnected it when they were disconnecting the two 15Mbps Fiber connections I cancelled once we cut over to the MetroCast 75Mbps cable Internet service.  [By the way we have now had 75Mbps from MetroCast for 2 weeks and it has been pretty damn good. For the last week all 4 of us have been sharing that 75Mbps (over our new 802.11ac network) and I haven’t noticed any great degradation in bandwidth. I, again, monitored bandwidth during Saturday night and it was NOT bad at all. So far, I am impressed.]

Of course I had to call bloody TDS. They confirmed that my line was disconnected in error. Their notes said, clearly, that I had asked for the phone line to be kept intact.

They said they would have the line back up in 30 minutes. THEY LIED.

210 minutes later it was still dead and they said they had to send a damn technician to the house to fix it. Sheer unadulterated incompetence. 

I really am despairing of TDS. IF I could get a land-line from ANYBODY else (and I think FairPoint is still on strike) I will do so.

Then I saw this on New Hampshire CraigsList.


Click to ENLARGE and read. From New Hampshire CraigsList ‘Rants & Raves’ from January 12, 2015. Great.