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TDS Telecom, With One Exception, Clueless & Totally At Sea.

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by Anura Guruge

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>> TP-Link TL-WA850RE
Wi-Fi Range Extender.
>> Ordered TP-Link.

The one exception to TDS’ ineptness is
the local Alton, N.H. Technician, Timothy Barker.

Tim is good. He knows his stuff. He is very competent.

I have to also say, out of fairness, and because I have said it here before,
all the TDS reps. are very polite. They try to please.
It is just that they have no clue and obviously
are handicapped by not having proper training
and access to the necessary resources.
I don’t really blame them.

It is the TDS Telecom Executives, like the clown
that outsourced the Call Center to Jamaica
that is to blame.


Click to ENLARGE. Received this, with the box that it is sitting atop, by UPS, on Monday.

TDS, now that Tim our local field technician was involved managed to fix my phone problem this morning — over the phone. [They called over another line!]

The phone line was down because I had disconnected, on Monday, the TDS Fiber ‘routers’ that are installed in the garage. Why did I disconnect them. BECAUSE TDS told me to and, moreover. on Monday had delivered (through UPS) a box in which I was supposed to return them! So I do what they ask me to do and that kills my phone line. Great.

But here is absurdity of it all, and it really highlights how inept TDS has become:

1. On Tuesday, two people at TDS told me, on recorded lines, that THEY. i.e., TDS, had inadvertently disconnected my line when they were disabling the 2 fiber connections. They both apologized for it. Well it appears they didn’t inadvertently disconnect my line. My line was dead because I unplugged power to the TDS fiber routers in my garage, So TDS had no clue.

2. I was told that my line was being reestablished and that it would be up in 30 minutes. It wasn’t. Well it couldn’t be reestablished because the problem was in my garage. So they told me they were fixing it when they really were NOT.

3. Why did I disconnect, i.e., unplug from power, the 2 Fiber routers. Because TDS told me to do so when I cancellled the 2 fiber connections on January 15, 2015.

4. I told them that I was not comfortable disconnecting the routers because there were lots of wires going into them and that they should send a TDS technician. They said that customers did this all the time. APPEARS that TDS had no idea as to what I had in the garage. They thought I had a DSL Modem. I don’t. I have a ‘big’ router with battery-backup!

5. On Tuesday, when I called up about the telephone not working, I asked them again about disconnecting the router and sending it back. I told them that there was a plug in there with a label “do not remove”. They had no idea what I was talking about. Yes, clueless.

6. According to Tim, who I trust and believe, there is NO WAY I should be trying to remove those boxes! That is what I thought. There were wires that I would have to cut. He called up TDS and had added to my notes that there was NOTHING I needed to return.

Crazy. Clueless. Very sad.