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Last Post About Blog Hits — At Least For The Next Two Years.

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by Anura Guruge

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>> 265,019 in 2014.
>> 350,000 hits.                           >> 250,000 hits.
>> 200,000 hits.                           >> 150,000 hits.

Around 8 pm on Friday, January 23, 2015
this blog, NHLife.wordpress.com
got its 500,000 hit.

To reach that was a goal.
Hit is sooner than I expected —
even at the start of the year.


I talked a fair amount as to the demographics of this blog just a few weeks ago, so I won’t bother to tread that same ground again.

I am happy. It amuses me. I am GLAD that so many people, from 199 countries, have found something of worth on this blog. That is the whole point. That there are at least 100 people who visit this blog every day is touching. 

My now quiesced “Popes and Papacy” blog is at 681,267. I just checked. So this, my main blog, is catching up with that.

My abandoned ‘Papam‘ blog has clocked 198,318 hits and ‘Windows 7 Professional‘ 235,080. So just between these four blogs, and not counting any of my other blogs, and the ‘Comet ISON‘ blog did rather well in 2013, I am past 1.6 million hits. That is gratifying.

Now that I am past 500,000 I will NOT bother talking about hits again UNTIL we reach the Million mark. That will take about 2 years I reckon — but my hits have slowed down a tad since I am NOT posting as much as I did in 2014. I have, as some of you may have noticed, changed my blogging habits. I rarely blog during the day, whereas prior to 2015 I would start my work day blogging. Now I only blog during my 3rd shift — i.e., the one between about 11 pm and 1:20 am. So I am blogging for less time and moreover, when I am tired. I work on my book during the day, That makes more sense. I can get more done on the book. So that is the story as to why I am posting less. 

I THANK YOU all for your support.

Happy Chinese New Year.

50 Year Anniversary, January 24, 2015 Of Sir Winston Churchill’s Passing (1874 – 1965).

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by Anura Guruge

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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965


He is probably my most esteemed hero and greatest source of inspiration.

His mastery over English has me in reverential awe.

His tenacity is something that I can but only dream about.

His leadership is my baseline for measuring all others
— and not many have even come close.

His empathy for his people was so special and rare, that I love
watching old footage of him to savor that magical touch.

His speeches give me goosebumps.

He was 79 when I was born. I was eleven when he died.

There was a film made, in grainy color, at least for distribution within the Commonwealth, of his funeral. I think it was called “A Journey’s End”. I remember being taken to see it in Colombo, Ceylon. It was probably in 1965. I still remember bits of it. It made quite an impression. I think that was my first real exposure to Sir Winston Churchill.

Over the years I have read some of his books and books about him. I have watched his speeches, many available on YouTube, and seen any movies made about him, e.g., the 2002 “The Gathering Storm“.

I, by inclination, have a rather limited pantheon of heroes. Winston is front and center. The others include Michelangelo, Mandela and Gandhi.

I named one of my Golden’s “Winston”. I named his sister “Maggie“, and I think Winston would have approved.

I have been to his graveside at St Martin’s Church, Bladon — on one of my visits to his birthplace, Blenheim Palace, one of my favorite stately homes in Britain.

From what I can see Google has never done a Doodle for for Sir Winston. That seems remiss.

Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral train passing Clapham Junction (London). The engine hauling the train was ‘Battle of Britain’ class steam locomotive No. 34051, previously named “Winston Churchill”. The engine is now preserved at the ‘National Railway Museum’ in York (England).


At Churchill’s grave, in the family plot, St Martin’s Church, Bladon. I have stood in front of the grave and paid my respect. It was a cold, grey day — not in the Summer. I was the only one there.


Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, where he was born, unexpectedly, during a party, two months premature, to his American mother. This is a breathtaking Stately House. I have toured it a couple of times.


Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, THE MAN.