NOIEX, ‘Northern Income Equity Fund’: A Puny (Even Insulting) 0.00513 Dividend For January 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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After December’s unprecedented, and near obscene distribution of $3.987/per share I kind of expected the January distribution to be small — BUT I never thought it would be this puny and meaningless.

To be fair in 2013 it did NOT do a dividend at all and the 2014 dividend, rounded up, was 0.006. But, 0.00513. That is a joke. Kind of belies the fact that it is SUPPOSED to be an income fund. I sure hope nobody was relying, in January, for a NOIEX dividend — because they will be in for a big shock.

That said, NOIEX has done quite well in the last 4 days, since January 20, 2015. Up to that day, i.e., Jan. 20, it was flat as of the December 18, 2014 distribution, i.e., NAV $12.57 on Dec. 18 and $12.57 on Jan. 20. But it has been going up since. Closed on Jan. 26, ex-Jan. dividend (puny though it may have been) at $12.75. On Jan. 22 it hit $12.81. At $12.75 it has gone up 1.4% (ex-dividend) over the last month. Given what we have gone through in the market that is probably not bad.

But, somebody needs to keep a close eye of NOIEX. As far as I am concerned it is ‘on notice’.

All the best.