A Disturbing Case Of Audacious Fraud On eBay?

scamrrttaa11Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. From Maine CraigsList, “Rants & Rave” section.

Happened to see this on Maine CraigsList. I check it out, once in awhile, as a diversion. This post caught my eye because of its title.

The scary thing is that this could very well be TRUE, but this is also CL and CL is the world of fairies, fairy-tales and other twilight zone ramblings.

I can see much of this taking place and at Christmas 2013 I was at the other end of a eBay fraud. I paid $90 for a Lego set and a week later I got an e-mail from the seller telling me that I should file a claim for my money with eBay/PayPal because he was taking my money and closing his eBay account. To be honest I wasn’t too worried. I trusted PayPal and sure enough they refunded me the money quite quickly.

This was audacious and clever. But I am not sure it all adds up.

Ebay/PayPal can sure track the thief down irrespective of whether they closed their eBay account or not. I am sure there is a time limit, and I think it is 72 hours, by which you have to file a “item not as described” complaint. After that, that excuse does not work.

There appears to be more to this than what appears to be said in this post.

Yes, there is a lot of scams and frauds on eBay these days. It is not the friendly, fun place it was 12 years ago when I was doing a lot of selling and buying on eBay. Also, items no longer sell anything like they used to on eBay. I think droves of serious, genuine buys have fled eBay.

All this bothers me on two fronts. I do own a few shares of eBay and want to hold onto them until PayPal is spun off. But, I hate owning stock of companies that are unethical. So that is a personal dilemma. Plus, I think I like eBay — though I have not shopped eBay since the lens incident.

Just wanted to share.

5 thoughts on “A Disturbing Case Of Audacious Fraud On eBay?

  1. janelleyjames

    Wow, I buy 75% of everything from Ebay. After reading this I am wary of going thru them again. I haven’t had any bad experience until two months ago when I bought a computer from a seller that had 99.9 percent positive feedback. The drive didn’t work and the computer was not fast like it said it was. They never resolved it. I want to leave negative feedback but haven’t. Usually anything I have had to resolve on any product I have bought and wanted to return or exchange, has been resolved quickly and hassle free. I pay through paypal too.
    Anyway, I am keeping your experience in mind from now on.

    1. aguruge Post author

      What happened with the PC. Did PayPal refund your money? I hope so. I have, over about 14 years, have had 100% (or v. close) satisfaction with PayPal. Yes, eBay is funny about letting people leave negative feedback. So corrupt sellers and buyers can get away with it.
      eBay, in the end, is there to make money from FEES! It can do much more than it does to minimize fraud.
      Like the guy who was scamming the U.S. Post Office on insurance claims. Very clever, but it was fraud. That is why I made a point of visiting my Post Office and giving all the data to the Postmaster.
      The real danger is when selling. I can see the necklace scenario talked about happening.
      But, I can’t see WHY eBay would accept a claim after 8 weeks.
      In Nov. – Dec. I sold 3 N-gauge trains sets on eBay. I used tracking. eBay is VERY GOOD on that. With tracking, as soon as it was delivered, they gave the buyer 72 hours to file a claim. IF they didn’t they assumed that what I had shipped was good. That was even without the buyer having to leave feedback.
      All said, I am not that happy with eBay (and that is annoying since I am an ebay shareholder).
      IF I can I buy most things from Amazon. I have a thing going with Amazon and they are V.V.V. good to me! Like the Wi-Fi Range Extender I returned Monday. They credited me the money last night.
      All the best. Have to run. THANKS. Anura

      1. janelleyjames

        No they didn’t. They messaged me back on ebay and gave me their 1 800 number for support and they said they would help me through tech support to fix the problems. How the heck can they help me repair the drive over the phone? I’m SO SURE. If it’s broken it’s broken. So, I never called. I tried to see if it was slid in there properly though, it was, it just didn’t work so I took the drive out of the old one, same exact computer model, I always get this kind, because it’s slim and fits well where I set up my computer station. It was a refurbished PC, like the last 3. So, I can’t get too mad. If I had paid for a brand new one, I would be upset, yes. Too much time had passed by before I hooked it up to use it. I had to transfer everything I wanted off the old one before I started using the new one. By that time, too much time had passed past the return policy.

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