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Java-Based JPL Small-Body Database Browser ‘Orbit Diagrams’ (For Solar System Bodies) Working Again With Ver. 8 Update 31.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access an example, asteroid 357439 (2004 BL86) that passed by Earth earlier this week. See how close it got.

The only reason I have bloody Java on my PCs is because of this JPL Orbit Diagram tracker.

To say that I used it often would be an understatement. Whenever I am writing a book on astronomy (and I have written 6) or even a post about comet or asteroid I use the orbit tracker incessantly. It is a wonderful, interactive tool. It allows you to look back in time or into the future. It is magical. I love it. It is UNIQUE. Nothing else that even gets close.

The orbit tracker to my enormous distress stopped working last October with Ver. 8 Update 25. I had to upgrade because the applet refused to run with the older version. I upgraded and it stopped working. I was beside myself. I tried all the tricks. I included the exceptions. I checked the Windows updates. I waited a few days. Nothing. I contacted JPL. I contacted NASA. I contacted Java support and that was a damn waste of time because they are a bunch of idiots on dope! I contacted Oracle. Another waste of bloody time. It really upset me.

With the tracker I felt lost. I was actually too distraught about it even to write about it! Yes, I am strange. Very few things in life upset me. But not having the orbit tracker really did a number on me. The very observant among you may have noticed that I have, atypically, done NO posts on comets or asteroids in a month. Why? Without the tracker I do not feel I can write about comets or asteroids. I need to see their orbits. Unless I can see the orbit, I can’t relate. If I can’t relate, I wouldn’t insult you by writing about it. I actually STOPPED paying attention to comets and asteroids! I thought about getting a Linux machine or Mac JUST to run the tracker. That was how serious it was.

I updated to Java 8 31 last week on my backup PC just to see if the tracker would work again. It didn’t. I was crushed. When Shane Selling was here a couple of weeks ago we tried installing Java 7 71 to see if that would help. It didn’t.

Then this morning I got an e-mail from JPL. It said: “Hello,
In the latest versions of Java, Oracle is requiring applets be ‘signed’, or they will be blocked from running.
We’ve purchased a security certificate and signed our orbit applet, and installed it today. Give it another try and let me know.”

I powered up my backup in a jiffy. It already had the latest, viz. 8 31. I did a quick Java version check to make sure. I then loaded my bookmarked JPL page. BINGO it worked. To say I was happy would not capture it. It was such a relief. I felt whole again. I felt that I could again pay attention to the Solar System. It was BIG.

I thanked the JPL person profusely. He was very nice. It cost US, i.e., U.S. taxpayer, $400 to buy that security certificate from a U.S. company. Seems strange. You would think they would make an exception for entities like JPL. Never mind. All the matters is that IT WORKS.

I just hope it does NOT break with the next bloody Java update — which, per their record of not being able to ever get it right, might be next week.

Thank YOU, JPL.

Furor Over GoDaddy ‘Buddy’ Commercial Is Exactly What It Was Meant To Do — And Is Misplaced.

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by Anura Guruge

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Godaddy ‘I Quit’ ad.

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Click to access “USA Today” original. Google for more.

As I pointed out yesterday GoDaddy did NOT make this commercial without realizing that they would get some people riled. GoDaddy is never that naive. GoDaddy, when it comes to marketing, is one of the most savvy operators out there. They are ruthless and provocative. GoDaddy knows that a commercial that creates a controversy will get them much more publicity, FREE at that, than a brilliant, non-controversial ad that will get forgotten within 72 hours.

I know GoDaddy and I know them well. I am one of their longest standing customers. I have been with them for over 14 years. So I have seen how they operate.

GoDaddy knew exactly what they were doing.

And they got the reaction they wanted.

All of this hand wringing, in the media, social and otherwise is EXACTLY what they wanted.

So GoDaddy won, as they always do.

Anybody who thinks that they taught GoDaddy a lesson is being rather dense. GoDaddy, as always, is laughing all the way to the bank.

So the best thing you can do, if you really found this commercial upsetting, is to say nothing.


That is NOT buddy. That is Monty the Golden we lost and that is MY shoulder. “A Pup Is NOT A Toy” book was written because of what happened to Monty. So we can relate to Buddy.

Then there is the whole issue about puppies being sold online and so called Internet puppy mills.

Anybody who is familiar with this blog or with me will know that I am an absolute sucker when it comes to dogs. Just do a search of this blog for ‘puppy’ or ‘dog’. My devotion, love and commitment to dogs is beyond reproach. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t spend time with a dog, most days with my two who I take running, off leash, for 45 minutes. And then there is my love affair with Goldens. I have had at least one Golden, without a break, since 1988. 27 years of Goldens. Maya is my 6th Golden. GoDaddy’s Buddy is a Golden too. So there is NO WAY that I will condone any kind of mistreatment of a dog, let alone a Golden.

But, you have to be reasonable. Most people have to buy a puppy from somewhere — and TRUST ME on this, trying to buy a decent Golden is not easy. We know. Plus most breeders have to sell their puppies. So none of us can’t complain about puppies being sold. If puppies are being sold it really doesn’t matter as to how they are marketed. So to blame Internet puppy sales as immoral is wrong. We got Braxton on the Internet. Yes, he was supposed to be a Rescue Puppy, but we still ended up paying $350 for him. We bought him over the Internet. Of course I am dead against breeders who mistreat dogs and puppies. That is criminal and they should be treated as such. But, I do not agree that you can complain about puppies being sold on the Internet.

 This dog, who I adore, a Great Dane – St. Bernard mix, was bought over the Internet. So crying foul about selling puppies on the Internet is not fair.

Post Blizzard I of 2015 Sunset Pictures By Devanee, The Photographer, Using Her Posh Mobile Revel S500a Android Phone.

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by Anura Guruge

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Taken Wednesday, January 28, 2015, around 5:15 pm
in Alton, New Hampshire.

Lovely sunset, after a beautiful blue sky day, after Tuesday’s blizzard
that gave us 2′ of snow.

Click to ENLARGE. She used a built in software filter inside the
phone/camera to get the greenish hue. She likes it.