Sri Lanka National (Independence) Day 2015 Fireworks Google Doodle (Animated) — February 4, 67th Anniversary.

.Google Doodle Sri Lanka Independence Day February 4 2015Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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>> Sri Lanka Independence Day 1948.

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>> Independence Day ….

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Click images to access the Google Doodles.

Permanent access provided
via the Google Doodle Archive.
So you can get to this even after February 4, 2015.

Only shown in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka looks so small and lonely
in this World map.
(click to ENLARGE)


Sri Lanka, EVER, has only had two (2) Google Doodles,
this being the second.

This will make 20 million people, at a minimum, very happy.

I am glad. Nice boost for the country. A purple patch as I mentioned yesterday.

I had nothing to do with this 2015 Google Doodle and I applaud those that made sure Google obliged. Well done. The Doodle 2013 was my work.

This will make February 4, 2015 even more special on the Island.

You should check out this recollection post of the 1948 Independence Day — and what supposedly aired on ‘Radio Ceylon’ first thing after Independence came to be.

I did not know that they had changed the name to ‘National Day‘. I have a good inkling why and I think that it is STUPID! Changing ‘Independence’ to ‘National‘ does NOT rewrite history; disguise that Ceylon had to be granted independence. We should NOT hide the fact that we got independence, we should celebrate the Independence we won.

As I have written before, it grieves me, greatly, that for the world of me I cannot honestly remember going to an Independence Day celebration or parade during the 13 years I was there. I know I must have. My adoptive parents were so into politics and my adoptive father was a British trained and British certified Civil Servant who held all these important posts. He would have gone and he normally took me to all such events. I do remember, vividly, the Independence Commemoration Hall (below) built on the site of the original 1948 ceremony. I used to play on and around the lions. Most of the time, when I was there to frolik, it was empty. It was close to the then (original) Radio Ceylon station. My adoptive father used to do many broadcasts from there, he even, for awhile, had a regular show. From what I recall the times I we went to the Hall the most was after we had been to Radio Ceylon.

Happy Independence Day, Sri Lanka. Rejoice!

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