Today, February 3, 2015 Is 67th Anniversary Of Mahatma Gandhi’s Cremation, Tomorrow, February 4, 67th Anniversary Of Sri Lanka/Ceylon Independence.

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by Anura Guruge

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Sri Lanka Independence Act 1947

This was passed in London, in the British Parliament
to make way for Independence in February 1948.


From the U.K. National Archives. Click to ENLARGE and admire here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access the original. It makes good reading.

February 3rd is obviously a sad day.

I find it ironic, but symbolic too, that Ceylon got its independence essentially hours after the Mahatma was cremated. Growing up in Ceylon I never heard anybody mention that India was mourning as Ceylon was celebrating.

Over the last two years ahead of Sri Lanka Independence Day I did loads of posts. Not really that much I can add this year other than this new, pivotal, document I found today. Earlier in the day I had a request from a Sri Lankan journalist to reprint some of my Independence posts in Sri Lanka! I said ‘yes’ and I am glad.

I know that most Sri Lankans are MOST concerned as to whether Google will give them another Doodle — as they did, for the first and only time, in 2012. That they got that Doodle was MY doing though quite a few others tried to take credit. That is OK. No big deal, plus I am the only one who has a published paper trail documenting my request weeks ahead. It would be nice if Sri Lanka gets another. India, as we just saw on January 26, when it was ‘India Republic Day‘, has got annual Doodles for BOTH ‘Republic Day’ and ‘Independence Day’. So I can see why Sri Lankans feel short changed.

Well, Happy Independence Day. New President. Successful Papal Visit. World Cup in the offing. Astrologers, the bane of the society, in retreat. Things are looking up. 67 years. 3 full generations. I was the first. WOW.

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