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Laura Ingalls “Little House On The Prairie” Wilder’s 148th Birthday: Well Rendered, Engaging Google Doodle.

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by Anura Guruge

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Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: “End 68 hours Of Hunger” Currently Has 40 Recipients — And The Program Needs Donations.

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by Anura Guruge

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This notice by an ACS staff member appeared on Friday, January 6, 2014,
in the “Alton, N.H. Community Group” page on Facebook.
Deanna saw it and sent it over to me because I had alluded to this
program in my Heated Driveways In Central New Hampshire
post on January 30, 2015.

Click to ENLARGE and read. From Facebook. “Alton, N.H. Community Page”. [I do not have Facebook access so can’t easily provide a link.]


“End 68 Hours of Hunger” is now a national effort. Click to access their Website.

The 68 hours in End 68 Hours of Hunger refers to the number of hours between lunch (at school) on Friday till breakfast (at school) Monday. That is the time period that these kids are at risk of hunger.

We used to be acutely aware of this program because Devanee as a 6th & 7th graders was part of a club, organized by the absolutely amazing Mrs. Joan Rees (of preschool fame), to pack these backups ahead of Friday.

The Website says there are 42 kids at risk in Alton, while Friday’s Facebook post (above) says 40.

Even JUST one is too much. We think the number is higher but some kids don’t make it to the program because their parents or guardians don’t ask or do not know.

It is even more distressing that the ACS organizers have to ask for donations.

Though we have poverty, as amply attested by the need for these 40 backpacks, this is NOT a poor part of the country — as demonstrated by the folks that can use heated driveways, with the amount of snow we get, to keep their drives black and gleaming.

In my heated driveway post I stressed that I am NOT asking these uber rich to just give money in the form of charity. What I suggested is that they try and hire the parents of some of these kids so that they might be able to earn some money to feed the kids.

But to be fair there are folks around here who can write one check, that they won’t even notice, that can fund the entire ACS “68 hour” program for the remainder of the year. Given that we are not talking fancy foods I estimate, but as ever I could be wrong, that $400 will cover the 40 backpacks for a week. A check for $10,000 will cover 25 weeks. That will take us till Summer.

Yes, we intend to do something. You should do too.

If you have a heated driveway think about the 40 poor kids in Alton every time you drive up and down that drive.