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Valentine’s Day 2015 Cakes, In Sri Lanka, By Kapruka & “The Great British Bake Off”

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by Anura Guruge

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Sri Lanka thanks to its British heritage
has quite the reputation for fancy cakes.
Growing up elaborate cakes, masterfully decorated,
were very much a part of day to day life.
The tradition continues though the cakes are
not as ornate as they once were.
Valentine’s Day is a recent holiday.
Kapruka sends me e-mails since I have
been a loyal customer for nearly 15 years.
I like to share these cakes.
I wish I can have them delivered here
for these prices —
not that I have eaten any cake in 2 years.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

These are all from Kapruka.
Click here to access their Home Page.

Click on the images to ENLARGE.


They also had this cake. It amused me. Typical Sri Lankan humor


Talking of cakes we have become hooked on the British BBC
The Great British Bake Off” series.

I happened to see the title one day and recorded it
just to see what it would be like.

Love it. Watched all the shows, so far, in this season. It is GREAT.