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Alton Central (ACS) School Board Shenanigans — The Real Fun Has YET To Start.

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by Anura Guruge

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Write in Barbara Howard for School Board on March 10.

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An extract from the “Alton Community” Facebook page.


The N.H. LLC registration for William (‘Bill’) Lander’s YET LLC with an office address of Lander – 394 Water Village Road, Ossipee NH 03864

That I haven’t said anything about the duplicitous ACS School Board, Lander, YET or Leggett is not because I was not aware or that I didn’t care (though it is true I am exceptionally busy with the latest book nearly done).

The first phone call about YET. Lander and the ‘facilitator’ came in at 3:40 on Sunday, February 8. Didn’t take long to pull up the YET LLC registration from the State and e-mail it to the interested parties. Called up a teacher at Gilford Middle School and gave them a heads up that Leggett was legging it again. Came as a surprise to them. It was DECIDED that I should not say anything on the blog. And I didn’t. But I did call the Gilford Middle School SAU and kept on asking them questions. It was kind of funny. Yes, much is happening. That is why I am saying little.

It was good to see that some concerned parties took up the cry on Facebook. I applaud them. My dear wife, very much a Facebook denizen, has joined in. She is having her say on her Facebook page as well. What I find gratifying are those that are keeping their powder dry for now. Bravo to those too.

This is all I have to say.

Happy Chinese New Year.


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“Swan Lake” By The ‘State Ballet Theatre of Russia’ At The ‘Capitol Center for the Arts’, Concord, N.H., Feb. 10, 2015 Was Exquisite In Parts.

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by Anura Guruge


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Taken, by Deanna, with the Android Smartphone she got for Christmas.

Yes, this was the free show thanks to the generosity of the ‘Giles Series of Performances‘. A BIG “Thank YOU” to the Giles’ family and the Trustees for yet another out of the ordinary show. Without their vision many in the community would not have access to a show like this. There were some empty seats, but it was in reality packed. I never realized that we had so many Russians around — moreover Russians still conversing in Russian. That was cool.

It was good ballet. They did not have a printed program and neither did they say anything more than that these were 50 very gifted performers from the ‘State Ballet Theatre of Russia’. I could be wrong, but I think many of them were students. But they were good. Some exceptional performances. Some just absolutely delectable, exquisite sequences. They were good enough to take your breath away. I am not that familiar with “Swan Lake”. We did remember seeing the dying swan sequence of it done by the incomparable Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo at the HOP in 2013. Well that, by definition, was different. So I can’t really compare this to another performance. But, I liked it. 

I think our ‘problem’ is that over the last couple of years we have seen too many performances of the ‘Nutcracker‘. Swan Lake, I think, is more traditional. More classical. Doesn’t have the pace and variety of the ‘cracker‘. But, it was good. The costume were divine. The sets were simple but very well done.

I am glad we went. Teischan, our budding ballerina, liked it. That was good. She now has, in the space of 2 months, got to see two professional troupes. I am glad.

It was a good evening out. Given the snow we left early. We took a friend of ours, an ex-teacher, who is now disabled from severe diabetes. Kind of has become the routine that we take her to ballet shows. I think this was the fourth we have taken her too. She loved it. We went to UNO Pizzeria & Grill, in Concord, Fort Eddy Road, for dinner prior to the show. We hadn’t been in about 10 months. Glad we went. The food was excellent. Prices very good. I had a very nice whiskey cocktail, with honey and ginger, for $5. That went down well. We like UNO.