Alton Central (ACS) School Board: Trying To Postpone Feb. 17 Meeting To Vacation Week To Foil Attendance!

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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Write in Barbara Howard for School Board on March 10.

righttoknowNow that the word is out of the underhandedness that has been going on in ‘Nonpublic Session’, some of it probably contravening statutes, a lot of people are planning to attend the 5 pm Alton Central (ACS) School Board meeting on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 — which got rescheduled to that from Monday, Fe. 9 because of the snow storm.

Now that they realize that they might get questions from quite a few people with many others looking on THEY want to reschedule the meeting to the week of February school vacation, i.e., the following week because many parents and teachers already have plans not to be in Alton that week!

I won’t say who is behind it but you can guess.

This is getting crazy. All this effort to do things behind our backs. No morals. No shame. And they use to discuss who to buy oil from. Ethics let alone decency.

I hear that quite a few staff at ACS have been given their marching orders (and note I said ‘staff’ not teachers). Yes, I know who some of those are. Well some of them wanted to attend the meeting.

Parents with Special Needs kids (and we are borderline on that) — you might want to start paying Special Attention. If you want details contact Deanna. She will give you the scoop.

So be aware. Heads Up. They are trying to push back the Feb. 17 Board Meeting by a week.

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