I Got A Roku 3 From DishWorld, With A 4 Month ‘Sports’ Package, For $89.99.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access DishWorld Roku offer.


Click to access Channel page for the ‘Sports’ package.

Well I needed a replacement for the Google Chromecast that did not cut the mustard.

Well Roku always comes up whenever you start looking at streaming and I have heard good things about it. So on Friday when I was looking at options it did not take me long to determine that I probably can’t go far wrong if I get a Roku — especially since it has started to provide built-in screen mirroring from Windows 8. Check the Roku support link here to find out how.

While looking at the ‘channels’ available on the Roku I saw DishWorld. A big lightbulb went off in my head. I remembered I could get a ‘cheap’ Roku if I signed up with DishWorld. I qwent and checked. Bingo. The offer was still on. 50% off Roku 3. About 6 months ago, two separate Indian gentleman, each working for a different IPTV company, had told me, independently, within a fortnight of each other that I should get DishWorld — with a Roku. One of them even said that he had got one to augment his own IPTV box at home! That was one heck of an admission. I did not bother to get DW at that juncture since the IPTV box I still have was giving me more than enough excellent cricket during most of 2014. There was more cricket than I had time to watch. But now they only have reruns and I have seen most of those matches over the last few years!

I got the DW Sports package, which includes Willow Cricket HD, for $10 a month — for 4 months. Hence the $89.99. $49.99 for the Roku 3 and $40 for 4 months of DW. So basically for a $1 less than I could have bought a Roku 3 from Amazon (with free shipping thanks to my Prime), I am getting a Roku 3 and 4 months of DW — which gives me 21 new channels. They look interesting. At last some European news on a regular basis — not to mention Rugby and F1. This could be fun. Listening to French News will be very soothing. They have a unique cadence. Even if you don’t understand it, and I probably only understand 0.1%, it is peculiarly compelling.

I should have it next week. I am trying to upgrade our Wi-Fi network again, within 5 weeks, to get more bandwidth for the Roku. I am going to try a TP-Link Powerline Extender in parallel with my existing TP-Link Range Extender. Yes, I have one coming. Well, it should be an interesting week.

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