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I Just Installed A TP-LINK TL-WPA4220 AV500 Wi-Fi/Ethernet Powerline Range Extender.

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by Anura Guruge

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PA2010P E-news

Now that I am getting a Roku 3 (via DishWorld) for our 47″ main TV on our ‘ground floor’ family room I wanted to make sure that I will have consistent 20Mbps bandwidth for it — so that there will be no jerkiness.

With the Wi-Fi network I had, with the TP-Link TL-WA850RE Range Extender, I would get decent 25+Mbps Wi-Fi bandwidth all the way down there (this being a 4 story house with the Wi-Fi router on the topmost floor) but when I was playing around with the (ever so disappointing Google Chromecast) I noticed that there were bandwidth fluctuations.

So, I decided, given that it was $60, to try a TP-Link Powerline Extender — ESPECIALLY since it would now give me the option of using a WIRED Ethernet connection to the Rocku which would minimize bandwidth fluctuations.

So that is what I did. I ordered a TP-LINK TL-WPA4220KIT from Amazon last Friday. It arrived today.

I was a bit leary about hooking it up BUT it was a breeze. Piece of cake. Did exactly what it was supposed to do, and did it (e.g., Wi-Fi cloning using WPS button) quickly. The whole setup, including Wi-Fi cloning took less than 4 minutes and I was going SLOW to make sure I didn’t screw up. Pretty impressive.

You do NOT get Ethernet performance across the power lines. I guess that was to be expected. But it works. Seems pretty solid. So now, I have two Range Extenders in the house. Yes, it is possible that the signals are interfering with each other. But so far everything works. I am happy — or as happy as I will be, because I am never really happy when it comes to bandwidth. I always want more.

I will keep you posted on this. So now we have 4 separate TP-Link products: Archer C9 AC1900 Wi-Fi Router, TL-WA850RE Range Extender, TL-WPA4220 Powerline Extender & TP-SF1000SD Switch. That is the most networking gear I have ever had from the same company. I told you — TP-Link could end up ruling the world.

P.S., Like all their boxes these two Powerline Adapters are very pleasingly designed. Look like Apple designed. Very aesthetic. 

Alton Central (ACS) School Board: WRITE-IN CANDIDATE — Barbara Howard.

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by Anura Guruge

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In reaction to the recently uncovered
Non-Public Session shenanigans
by the ACS School Board,

Barbara Howard,
has decided to run as a
Write-In Candidate.

Barbara Howard will make a difference. You know where you stand with Barbara Howard.

There will be none of this ‘behind your back’ nonsense — so loved by this current bunch.

I think most people in Alton know Barbara and Ray — Ray just having been elected, last November, as a N.H. State Representative for Alton, Barnstead and Gilmanton.

We are SUPPORTING Barbara Howard. They are good, honest, Christian folks — pillars of Alton society, very committed to the community.

Barbara Howard’s pertinent Past Experience to be on the ACS School Board:
  • PTA Executive Board member
  • 3 years on Alton Budget Committee
  • Odyssey of the Mind Coach
  • Instructional girl’s basketball coach
  • Softball coach
  • Brownie and Jr. Girl Scout Leader
  • Respite Provider
  • Live-in elderly care provider
  • Horse and dog rescue
Barbara Howard’s Background:

Barbara Howard grew up in Southern NH and graduated from Timberlane Regional High School. She married Ray Howard and has 4 children. Barbara was a stay at home mom for nearly ten years. When all her children were entered in school, Barbara began working in schools as a para-professional with non verbal and/or behavioral children. Barbara was an avid volunteer at her children’s school and has been awarded Volunteer of the Year twice for her service. After fifteen years, Barbara began working at an Area Agency as a Case Manager serving adults with dual diagnosis/disabilities and families who had children with disabilities. Barbara became a Certified Educational Advocate. After five years, being offered the chance to manage the Home of Your Own Program, a program specializing in helping disabled adults to purchase homes, Barbara left the Area Agency. Barbara became a certified credit counselor, home ownership counselor and post purchase counselor with NeighborWorks America. Barbara won a national Award for Post Purchase Counseling in 2007. When that program was closed due to lack of funding, she was hired at the Brain Injury Association of NH, where she is currently employed as a Resource Specialist and a Transition Coordinator for individuals living with brain injury. In 2014, Barbara received one of five awards from the Brain Injury Association of America, the Award for Excellence in Advocacy. Barbara is also a Care Manager for the MS Society and Goodwill Industries for NH residents.

Please WRITE-IN Barbara Howard.

You will be glad you did.