Alton Central (ACS) School Board: Did Public Officials Violate Criminal Code Per Allegation (95 minutes into meeting)?

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by Anura Guruge

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You have to listen to part that starts at 1:35:00
(1 hour 35 minutes)

into the meeting.


Click to access YouTube video. This is video posted by Alton Central. The OFFICIAL video.

Says very clearly
“Criminal Law”.

After listening to it, back-and-forth, ‘n’ times,
we finally worked out exactly what was being said.

Here (below) is the Criminal Law that (I guess) is being cited
(or at least that is what I think, and I may be wrong).
(I got an update from a lawyer.
I am told that it is ‘new’ RSA 640:xx laws
and not the old 585:xx one)


But, the law that is being cited is from this bunch around here.


A couple of hours earlier
having seen his name in the ‘Laconia Daily Sun’
I contacted Anthony (Tony) Estee,
Alton (N.H.) Prosecutor.


To access his practice.

He is NOT an Alton resident and his office is in Concord. He was NOT aware of what had been said at the School Board meeting on February 17, 2015. I explained to him what had been said. He does NOT investigate. That is done by the Alton Police.

After I explained the whole situation he told me that he would instruct ‘a lieutenant’ to take a look.

I do NOT know whether that has happened, but I will stay on top.

Since then I have started e-mailing him with specifics — like exactly at what point, i.e., 95 minutes in, the claim was made so that they can narrow things down. I will now tell him the statute, viz. 585:4.

I have now been informed that my e-mails have been forwarded to the Alton PD.

Feel free.

We are NOT sure if any criminal laws were violated. But, if they were, I for one will TRY to make sure that it gets investigated. As I told Mr. Estee, that is a serious allegation that has to be looked at. We can’t just let it pass.

I will keep you posted.

Deanna, went and ‘time-stamped’ the video — i.e., marked down the time at which all the pertinent remarks were made.

So, if you are interested, here are the ‘times’ that are worth checking — and these times correspond to the time bar below the video.

1:27:00 Noyes: “… legal counsel is questioning the legality of the process …”

1:34:00: Illegal.

1:35:00: << above >>

1:41:xx: ” … illegal session … called District Attorney …”

1:44:4: signing letter for bank … uncalled for “nice campaign speech”.

1:54:19: ” … do you believe you followed the legal rules?”

1:54:40: past lawsuits against ACS Board.

2:02:00: Paul Monzione.

2:08:00: require an individual investigation.

2:13:00: Motion to reconsider contract.

2:15:00: This was all pre-planned.

2:16:00: Chairwoman dictated letter to bank.

2:17:26: Paul Monzione — statutes of fraud?

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