Alton Central (ACS) School: Lander Using Another Lawyer To Deal With ACS School Board & Board’s Attorney.

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by Anura Guruge

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Deanna filed the above “Right To Know” with the ACS SAU last Thursday so we should, with luck, find out more about this intriguing move by William (‘Bill’) Lander in the weeks to come.

As far as we can tell this, i.e., Lander using a separate lawyer, happened at least once — the incident that we are familiar with having happened during August – September 2014.

Again all of this related to matters taking place in Non-Public Sessions. So in the normal course of events we would not have heard about it.

This issue is very germane to what is happening now, with Lander and his YET to be determined moves, the School Board and Alton residents.

1. Why would Lander need to use a SEPARATE attorney to interact with the School Board and the Board’s attorney?

2. Was Lander in an adversarial situation with the Board and if so, why so?

3. Since when do Superintendents use external lawyers to interact with THEIR BOARD?

4. Did Lander violate any Alton policies by doing what he did?

5. Who paid for this lawyer’s services?

6. Did the Board authorize those payments?

7. Did the Board have anything to say to Lander about using a lawyer to interact with them.

8. Now it gets real interesting re. Lander’s December 18, 2014 resignation. The story that was circulating around Christmas, and I write about it twice (here & here), was that Lander was leaving BECAUSE of this ‘external’ lawyer situation — along the lines “he had hired a lawyer without the Board’s permission and he is now leaving”. That was the rumor. What is interesting is that folks at ACS knew about this, even though it was all Non-Public. That was interesting. Plus where did that ‘smoke’ come from IF there was no fire? Don’t. Trying to find out. I know that there is a reporter working on this too because I got asked as to what I knew.

Well just trying to get as much of this as YET ‘hush-hush’ stuff out in the public, per any and all rights we may have, so that all of YOU can make up your own minds.

Click to read about
Lander butchering the English and not being regular.

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